Make scrolling lists without any script or extension. Very simple code. Add items to list. If all items are visible then do not scroll.

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Version 1.0.0. Published September 8, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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David A 16 July 2019


Anonymous 24 January 2019

so bad

nothing about scrolling, it does uses objects for all listings and there isn't any surface


Vyachaslav G 13 August 2017

It is an example, not extension

I don't understand why does it have so many good marks.
It seems this control is made to show an example of scrolling and nothing more. It becomes a hell to customize it because the author uses numbers instead of variables and constants as frequently as possible. I expected to see a semiready control to import but I've already rewrite 95% of its code because everything useful in it is how to scroll with mouse


Anonymous 07 October 2016



Jeff J 29 September 2016

Simple But Clever Illusion

Scrolling and hiding content out of bounds like this is a little tricky, and usually calls for the use of surfaces or other neat tricks if to be done "properly".

This uses a clever little illusionist trick to get around that issue. It's totally "fake", but it works, and it's actually a brilliantly simple little solution. Good work. :)


jeehoon L 25 January 2016


good! Thank you.

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