Celestia is an RPG game heavily based off of Runescape, Minecraft, and The Legend of Zelda.


  • Minecraft style crafting system.
  • Powerful item and inventory system.
  • Hundreds of sprites and background tiles.
  • Hundreds of preprogrammed weapons, armor, and items.
  • Complete combat system with three combat styles.
  • Many skills such as woodcutting, fishing, taming, and crafting.
  • Three built in quests with expandable quest and dialog system.
  • Large overworld and underground levels.
  • Many NPC's and monsters.

The majority of the scripts are commented and I am more than happy to help with any questions you may have!

NOTE: Celestia does not officially support GMS 2 but the engine still works after being imported. The game uses the get_string function when asking the user what their name is. This function is no longer in GMS 2 so you will need to modify where this function is used. Simply use CTRL-SHIFT-F to search for "get_string" and insert whatever name you want to use.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.1.1. Published August 19, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 9+

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Anonymous 24 May 2019


Alexander R 30 April 2019

Cool game!

There's a lot of good content for the price. It's rather impressive honestly. High value for money!


Nikita B 09 November 2018


Anonymous 03 February 2019


Anonymous 10 May 2018


Troy R 30 June 2017

Can't figure out how to load this

I can't seem to get the file to load into GM. I go to the Marketplace but I don't see a "My Library" option. What am I doing wrong?


Coded Games (Publisher) 01 July 2017

Make sure that you are logged into your Marketplace account in GMS.


Anonymous 03 September 2018


Anonymous 12 February 2017

Incredible engine and support!

This engine has the foundation for you to create just about any type of open world rpg with multiple trade skills. It's fairly well commented code and pretty easy to understand (I've only been coding gml for a month). I've only had one issue related to taming creatures which I contacted the developer about and I received a succinct response detailing exactly how to fix my issue within 24 hours.

Buy this engine now, Great price, great support and an overwhelming(in a good way) amount features that you can upon!


Coded Games (Publisher) 24 February 2017

Thanks! Glad that you like it!


Dennis B 19 November 2016


I love this engine very much, but I wish i could customize it a little more. I am trying to change the player sprite. I changed every sprite relating to the character and his sprite is STILL the default! please help me


Coded Games (Publisher) 23 November 2016

Hello Dennis,

to change how the player looks you'll have to change ALL of the sprites, which there are hundreds of. If you want to make your own custom sprites it's probably best to rewrite the drawing code of the player.


Mel W 30 October 2016

Very useful

Thanks so much for putting this out there. A great learning and building tool!


Coded Games (Publisher) 23 November 2016



Gary M 19 October 2016

Good for learning

Kind of cheesy graphics, but for some one new, I have been able to learn from it.


Coded Games (Publisher) 23 November 2016

Great to hear!


Tuwana R 21 September 2016

Holy Cow!

I'm brand new to the GM Community, so I was super looking for something to help me get started on making an rpg style adventure game and this really blew me away. Gameplay wasn't bad at all because it literally tells you the controls when you start up, scripts are easy to follow cause you posted a brief summary on what the commands are for, and when it loaded and I saw the "What's Your Name" prompt, I almost died lol. The amount of work you put into this was crazy! Thank you for this!


Coded Games (Publisher) 23 September 2016

You are welcome! I'm glad that you found my work useful.


Alex K 21 September 2016

Can't load?

How do you go about importing this? I have no project file. I wanted to take a peak at everything.


Coded Games (Publisher) 23 September 2016

Hello Alex. It seems like you downloaded Celestia straight from this website; I do not recommend downloading them this way. Instead start a new project in GameMaker: Studio go Marketplace -> My Library. This will open a menu where you can download all of your assets. Hope this helps!


Robert C 15 September 2016

Wow.... What a project a great starter kit

I simply have to support anything this ambitious. This is the real deal. Someone spent a very LONG time making it work. Yes the graphics are "funny" but all the basics you need are in it. Thank you.


Coded Games (Publisher) 16 September 2016

Thanks! I'm glad that you found my engine useful.


Zachary c 15 August 2016

Very Nice RPG Engine

This is one of the best RPG engines. So nostalgic feels so much like runescape. You can't beat the price either.


Coded Games (Publisher) 15 August 2016

Thanks! I'm glad that you like it!


Lyndon H 06 May 2016

Great amount of work

Great work,

I've been making basic game maker games now for a couple of months and am starting to understand how everything works.

With your source code I think I can learn easier and more efficent and use some of your ideas in my games.

I look forward to seeing some more of your work and thank you for taking the time to make this (at such a low price aswell).


Coded Games (Publisher) 15 August 2016

Thanks! I'm glad that you found it useful.


Caio C 03 April 2016

Very Good

nice engine :D
but need Multiplayer Feature, please add multiplayer in this engine, i try add using GMnet and Game Maker server, but is too complicate.
add multiplayer feature for more fun and more buyers for you


Coded Games (Publisher) 15 August 2016

Sorry but I didn't originally intend to add multiplayer so adding it won't be easy. Glad that you like it though!


Mikkel T 26 January 2016

nice rpg engine

nice work you have done

but attack is bugged, i cant attack monsteres


Coded Games (Publisher) 19 February 2016

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

You can attack monsters by pressing space which might not be obvious.


Christopher P 20 November 2015


This is seriously the coolest thing ever! The sheer amount of effort that must have went into this is unreal. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn off of this. As someone who played runescape a long time ago, this brings back so many memories and is inspiring me. My will to learn game maker was starting to fade, but your game is bringing it back stronger than ever!


Coded Games (Publisher) 06 December 2015

Thanks! I'm glad that you like it.


Michael K 02 October 2015

Lots of systems in this project

I give this 5 stars because of the amount of work that went into this engine. Fishing, quests, taming, inventory, the armor system, etc. I'm still in the learning phase and working through a couple of gamemaker courses, but even at this stage I can appreciate how much time went into making the systems in this game and not end up with a huge pile of spaghetti. Joshua B's review below may be correct for him, but I look forward to learning a lot studying this project. Thanks for making it available!


Coded Games (Publisher) 02 October 2015

Thanks Michael! Glad that you found my engine useful.


Jimmy N 08 September 2015

Looks interesting

I just installed it recently and I'm having a look around at the stuff. How did you draw the player out like that? Also could you help with setting up mutliplayer? I still have questions on how to get my friends on and to play with me. Could you help with that?
Edit: Has been ignoring my question about multiplayer.
Edit2: Answered very useful!


Coded Games (Publisher) 08 September 2015

All of the parts of the player are separate sprites. (Head, helmets, swords, legs, etc.) All of the scripts in the "Player Armor" folder are used for drawing the individual sprites of the player. It checks what item you're holding and draws the sprite. Along with that, it sets the correct subimage to correspond with the direction the player is facing.

Finally, the scr_draw_armor script is used to draw the components in the correct order depending which way the player is facing. For example if the player is facing right you will want to draw the shield then the sword so the sword is on top and the opposite way if the player was facing right.

Edit: Sorry I missed that question. Celestia currently does not have any multiplayer features in it. Although, there are plenty of free multiplayer engines that should make adding networking much easier. I'd say to check out GameMaker Server and GMnet. I've worked with both of those and they make adding networking fairly easy.


Josh B 24 August 2015

Doesn't Feel Like An Engine.

I personally couldn't find anything of interest within this engine, the scripts are all relatively simple and comments consist of a name at the top of a paragraph of code however most of the code is simply left without comments. Overall i will give it 2 stars as there is a lot of stuff here and it may be interesting for people new to game maker to have a look around but without heavy commenting im not sure if they would know what their doing especially for an engine.

I will happily give you 5 stars if you can make this more in line with other engines by providing a more user friendly environment to work in with perhaps information on how systems work and such. As of right now it feels more like an abandoned project than an engine.

Edit: Im not sure if you have updated it yet but i haven't seen any commenting on most of the scripts ive looked at?


Coded Games (Publisher) 19 August 2015

Thanks for the feedback Joshua! I said in the description that many of the scripts are not commented. If you have any questions about any of the systems please feel free to contact me about them. I will release an update soon to comment the important/complicated scripts and reorder things so that they are more organized.

I honestly was not expecting anybody to buy this, but now that I see people have I will make sure to update the engine. Guess more people use the marketplace than I thought.

Anyway, I hope that you have a great day!

Edit: I spent most of the day commenting the important scripts in the engine! I hope this makes the engine more user-friendly and useful. Thanks once again for the feedback!

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