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Improvements on the GML function move_wrap()

  • wrap to a defined range, rather than the room border
  • draw sprite overlapping the edge on wrap
  • check for collisions at both edges of wrap
  • doesn't depend on built-in GML speed variables; wrap is based on x and y position of the instance

Includes well-documented demo project.

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Changes in 2.3.0

New function:

  • iw_collision_clear(): clears the value of the 9 collision “other_” variables set by the iw_collision_wrap() function, resetting them to noone. This can also be used to quickly initialize these variables, as in the Create event:

other_center other_left other_right other_up other_down other_up_left other_up_right other_down_left other_down_right

Note there is no equivalent function needed by iw_collision_wrap_map because it always returns a new ds_map.

Version 2.3.0. Published April 2, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Jacob G 25 September 2016

Missing Script

I got this around the time it was free and looking at it now I see I don't have the iw_scripts.gml file when I import it in my project.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


csanyk (Publisher) 18 March 2018

Hi Jacob G, I will take a look into this. Thanks for letting me know. The .gml file should be there. I've had other users download this and they reported it worked for them.

Can you please do me a favor? Hit the "contact publisher" link above, and send me an email, so I can send you some instructions and ask questions that will help me find where the trouble is.

**Update:** Jacob G has not followed up w/ me since posting this review, so I'm not sure if they were able to get it working or not. I did verify that the downloaded extension does contain the .gml file that they claimed was missing. I have also uploaded a new version which includes some improvements as well as new functions. Please try again and re-rate! Thank you!

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