TTE will be a re-written version of CTB, since CTB got popular. It will do the same things, and more, but in a more efficient and customizable way. TTE is a dialog engine that tries to be as easy as possible to use, while giving you as much power as possible.

TTE is currently on hold for an undetermined amount of time. Life factor made my free time very limited and I see less and less time to work on GameMaker projects. TTE is still on my todo list, but bear in mind that it's not something that will happen in the near future.


Because I'm pushing the deadline further, I'll be providing a special service to redeem myself: For a limited time ( about a month after the release of TTE ) I will help explain and integrate TTE in your project... FOR FREE*!

*I will not code the dialog, I will show you how to use it, and how to implement it in your game, only once, so if you need 50 dialogs, we'll do one together, and you'll have to do the other 49 on your own.

Here is an example of what the TTE code will look like: Screenshot

CTB - Ced's TextBox

A fully customizable and automatic RPG-style dialogue box. This dialogue group of scripts let you easily choose : - Size and position of the dialogue; - Color of text ( many colors per messages! ) - Font and size of text ( many per messages! ) - Speed and pause effects, - Play sound - Run script in middle of message - Word-wrap and Overflow supported!

The asset is currently released for free as a demo. It will remain as long as the asset isn't completed.

I also take your request for features in the comment below so please be lots to comment ^

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.0

Added - Icons : You can now define a 'typing' icon and a 'continue' icon. Animated sprite supported.

Version 1.1.0. Published October 8, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.420

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 10 May 2019


Anonymous 02 May 2019


Anonymous 13 April 2019


Anonymous 02 February 2019


Anonymous 02 February 2019


Jesse C 23 January 2019


Jack H 27 January 2019

Easy to use and Customize!!!

The only thing I noticed is when I use ctb_load_normal it doesn't delete the sprite created from the script. Not a big issue if your text box is small but if you are using a big textbox this adds to the memory fast. This is fixed by deleting the sprite in the destroy event with sprite_destroy(sprite_index). Besides that, this is a great asset for anyone needing a dialogue engine :)


Anonymous 14 July 2018


Anonymous 17 May 2018

Good But....

The text appears to come out on top of each other is there someway to fix this perhaps increasing the spacing ?


Anonymous 18 March 2018

Really great! And awesome support!


David O 16 March 2018

Great engine, but...

Great asset! It works very well, except for this issue I'm having where the text loops to the start again in 5-10 seconds if I don't press any key to skip forward in the text. This occurs in the demo as well. Any ideas?


Aktürk M 14 February 2018


Bryce C 31 January 2018


Victor L 21 January 2018


Anonymous 03 January 2018


Volodymyr G 19 July 2017


Chris B 01 August 2017


Hey thanks for this its just perfect!


Van M 27 April 2017

No selecting dialogue but this is still the best

Looking forward to TTE with player's answer/choice to NPC's questions.


Anonymous 15 February 2017

Customizable and looks geat!

This textbox engine has been fantastic for anything that I need. My only complaint/issue with it is that it seems to not work in different window sizes? More specifically, when I change my game from windowed to fullscreen, the text starts getting bunched up and overlaps itself a bit. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for the awesome work, and I'm looking forward to your new TTE! :)
Okay, figured out that the problem isn't window size, but actually any time I pause my game and my menu comes up. I think it might have to do with the fact that since the pause menu is written in text, the textbox engine is trying to autowrap with that text? Or maybe it just doesn't like my global pause variable?


Anonymous 15 October 2016

Really frigging good

It's literally everything I need, and it's awesome that it's actually put for free! One question though, any idea on the possible release date of the new version? Really looking forward to it!


CedSharp (Publisher) 27 November 2016

I have finally restarted working on TTE, after such a long time.
It's on its way, with all of yours and other reviews in mind!

The release date will be somewhere in late december or early January. ( not precise, but it's a good idea for you )
The price will be 2$, but the first month that it's out, it will be FREE :O

I'll start making a TTE Dialog editor, which will let you create dialogs without coding them :P
That'll come after, so probably february.


Connor M 24 September 2016

A pretty simple text engine, but..

I have a hard time understanding how I'm to constrain the textbox in a certain spot in the room, or even in a view. I love this system and would like to keep using it, but if I can't get it to constrain to the view dimensions, I have to keep looking for something new. If your game doesn't use views, this is probably great for you! Unless I'm missing something, which is entirely possible.


Anonymous 19 September 2016


Just what I needed. Thanks!!! +=credit


Chris B 17 September 2016

Incredibly Powerful and Flexable

This asset has been a dream come true! I've used it in a couple projects and never had a problem with it.

One quick question though, Is there a way to decrease the size of the textbox. I'm working with smaller views than i normally do and i cant find anything in the scripts or objects that would let me decrease the size of the textbox.

I'm probably just being stupid but hey it wouldn't be the first time :P

Keep up the Great Work and cant wait to buy the remastered version.


CedSharp (Publisher) 20 September 2016

Some of the scripts that come with the assets let you load any type of sprites you want.
Some loaders let you resize the sprite as you whish:

- normal sprites are generated via ctb_load_normal
- slice9 sprites are generated via ctb_load_slice9
- slice9 sprites that are already seperated in many sub-images are loaded via ctb_load_subimage

Check the script comments for how to use them :P

Also, I suggest you take a look at the ctb_set_padding script, it controls how much "spacing" you want
between the border of your textbox and the text.

Thanks for using my asset and thanks for the great review!


Lukas C 09 September 2016

you can *always* rely on this guy

nothing more to say, it works smooth and I love it. good job man


Michael D 22 August 2016

Good and easy to use

fantastic software, looking forward to buying the upgraded on, one thing i can seem to do is when i set it to draw gui it also draws on the room so i end up having a text box with writing on the gui and a text box without writing off the gui, also ever time i try to use

sprite_free( textbox_sprite ); it can't fins any thing to do with it

other than that it's an amazing easy to use textbox demo, thank you for making it free, defo going to buy your next one


CedSharp (Publisher) 03 September 2016

I made a few updates on the asset, but I didn't optimize them so I didn't publish them.
The lastest version of my asset doesn't draw in the room anymore, it draws on a surface,
which you must draw yourself afterwards.

This adds the benefit of drawing it wherever you want, and use any of the surface scripts to modify
and transform it.

If you would like to get hold of this unpublished version, please contact me on my email, and I shall send it to you.
This offer hold true for anyone who's interested.

The new asset, TTE, is completly different in how the structures are made, so I don't mind sharing my
code for CTB.


Thiago D 19 January 2017

Good and Easy to use

AND IT'S ALSO FREE!!11! (for now xD)
Really, good, nice job. Do you have plans on adding an Built-in "Dialogue System"? For instance, let the player choose what they want to talk to the NPCs (Telltale games Style). It's doable by using the Script execute feature, but still, not very handy.
Oh, another suggestion - Create an editor to improve the workflow, this may be tricky to do, specially on GML, but it may be doable on other softwares.

Keep up the good work!


CedSharp (Publisher) 02 August 2016

Thanks for the review :P

I sure will implement this editor, as using scripts, specially since I'm adding the choice option and the inputs ( text, number, etc ),
creating a dialog will not be easy by script since it will get more and more complex.

I will create a GameMaker:Studio project which will be in itself an editor, with drag'n'drop of "components" into a workflow.
It will make your life easier when it comes to creating a dialog because you'll have a visual helping guide in front of you.
You'll also know that the script generated will be free of errors, which is good, since finding THE typo in the code that makes everything crash is a pain haha.

Thanks for the idea, I like it, and I'll add it in my final asset renamed TTE - Tag Textbox Engine.

Thanks for contributing to my asset :P


Shayne H 26 July 2016

I'd say this seems pretty cool so far.

I haven't dabbled too much with it yet. It has quite the bit of promise though!
I have a few questions to start:
I want to create a trigger or an all-purpose object that can spawn the text with the setting of a few variables in let's say creation code. Basically: set creation code in an all-purpose text spawner object to spawn this text when an object passes it without making an all new object for each thing.
Also I heard if we get this asset now, we can get the remastered version free? That's coolio.
Question 3: Will it be easy to move to the new asset when you complete it, or should we wait until the new one is done before starting anything?


CedSharp (Publisher) 02 August 2016

The new asset will be different in the sense all scripts will be prefixed with TTE instead of CTB. ( preview of TTE: )
Also, the code in the scripts themself will be completly different, so old "hacks" wouldn't work anymore.

The idea you just mentioned, this "global setting" idea, I like it. I'll add it to the TTE asset.
Thanks for contributing to this asset :P


Anonymous 29 June 2016

Easy for anyone to understand and use

This was a godsend for me because I was struggling with this particular asset of my game. I do have one question, I have an object with a key set to create the textbox, but it's also the key set to advance the text, so whenever I try to exit the textbox, I always have to move away from the object or else the text will keep repeating. Is there any way to troubleshoot this?


CedSharp (Publisher) 02 August 2016

In your object that creates the textbox, you could do something similar to this:

if( !instance_exists( obj_textbox ) ) instance_create( 0,0,obj_textbox );

Of course, change "obj_textbox" and the "instance_create" to suite your needs :D


Jacob A 15 June 2016

Great and easy to use

So i was a little surprised on how easy this engine is to use and i am so happy that i tried it out.

I loved the example/demo there were when you start the game and i loved that it teaches the user how to use it.
This is one of the best textbox engines i have ever seen and i will be sure to use it in a lot of games in the future. Great job and good luck in the future and i will of course remember to give you credit.

good luck on future projects :)


Nolan M 13 June 2016

Great engine

I really like this textbox example. It was very easy to integrate into my game. Really looking forward to the complete version!

I do have one quick question: How do add more spacing between lines? I found the line_sep variable in "ctb_create," but it doesn't seem to do anything when I change it. Please let me know if you have a solution.


CedSharp (Publisher) 02 August 2016

The line_sep variable is currently unused. I made a modification to the script to incorporate this exact feature you're asking for their game, but it was buggy and very limiting so I removed it from the public general version of the asset. If you really need line seperation, email me and we'll find time to add it in your game.

Meanwhile, in my final asset, TTE - Tag Textbox Engine, line seperation will definitly be included correctly and should prove useful not only to you my friend :P


Anonymous 23 April 2016

Great and functional textbox! :)

This is really a great job, and can be understood in a few minutes after implementing. Thank you for sharing your work with this community! :) Definitely going to use it in my next project! :) Will put you in credits, as there aren't interesting works as this one. Just well done and keep it up!


George R 07 March 2016

Great Textbox Function!

Great function! Simple to implement and fairly easy to use.

One question, are you planing to add a shaking text function in a future update? I can make the whole text shake, but not quite got it to do individual words and letters yet. (Still learning GML)

P.S, sorry for the double post, hit enter by accident.


CedSharp (Publisher) 16 April 2016

Sorry for the late answer...

I am currently working on a "new version" of this asset, since some things I wanted to add ( like questions and animations ) would require too much work to implement in the current
state of the asset.

I will be releasing the asset "CTB Textbox Remastered", which contains similar structures.
It currently support everything you can do in this asset, but has questions, input number and input text added, support to display the content
of a variable with tags ex.: "Your name is [v='name']."

I am currently working on a custom animation system, which will let you change the position, scale and color of the text via
custom animations, and I'll provide of course some default ones like "wave" and "shake".

Also the new asset will not be free it will be the price that this one would've been, 2$.
BUT: As I said, anyone grabbing the asset before it was finished will get the new asset for free.
I will send you the link via email ^^


Carlos H 29 January 2016

Very good textbox demo!

I'm really liking this demo. I only have one issue with it, and I can't seem to figure it out. When I implemented this on android, there seems to be an extra textbox underneath it that won't move with the view (under Draw GUI), and I'm not sure how to get rid of it. I've tried to figure it out but haven't been able to yet. The actual textbox with text and the char sprite does move around, but that extra image below it just stays in the same place no matter what, which looks very awkward. Any help is appreciated!


CedSharp (Publisher) 16 April 2016


Sorry for my late reply, a lot has been going on recently in my private life.
In the new version of my asset, which you'll be able to find as "Ctb Textbox Remastered" when I publish it,
the textbox will be drawn on a surface, and it will be your job to draw the surface wherever you want, however you want.
You won't have any of those bug like you are mentionning.

By the way, I added this surface thingy because of your input! I reallised that I can't use either Draw or DrawGui event because the textbox could
be used in a view, in the room, it can move, it can be on the GUI... Instead, I draw the textbox on a surface, and you draw that surface where ever you want.

The new code will look somewhat like this:

if( surface_exists( ctb_surface ) ) draw_surface( ctb_surface, room_width/2 - ctb_width/2, room_height - ctb_height - 4 );

This will draw the textbox in the bottom of the room with 4 pixel space,
and in the middle horizontally :D

Regards ~


Benjamin A 03 February 2016


This is the greatest GameMaker asset I have ever used. Well done! I'll be sharing this with anyone who asks about textboxes on my YouTube channel.

Well done. Keep up the great work!


Christopher P 21 November 2015


Great textbox engine. I only have one problem with it, I can't seem to set CTB_SkipKey to a gamepad button. Keyboard keys work fine, though.

edit: got it to work by putting it into ctb_update instead of ctb_init
Thank you for this great textbox engine!


CedSharp (Publisher) 16 April 2016

Sorry for the late reply!

I didn't think about using gamepad, which is extremly important!!!

I'm the new asset I'm currently working on, "Ctb Textbox Remastered", I will add GamePad support.
I am very sorry that you came across such a problem, but I am very glad that you mentionned it.
You can consider yourself as being part of the build process of this asset :D



Dave B 21 November 2015

Just what I needed!

Wow! This is so easy to use and modify.
Great job!


Uncle R 08 November 2015

Good stuff! Missing one thing though.

Very well written and looks nice. Feature rich for being free (right now).

Would LOVE LOVE to see question/answers implemented in it.

Aside from that it does about anything you could want from abasic text engine -- in a simple, streamlined way. Great stuff. :)


CedSharp (Publisher) 16 April 2016

Hello there!

Sorry for my late reply, just wanted to quickly tell you that the new asset I'm working on, "CTB Textbox Remastered"
already has questions and input implemented in it!

Watch out for it's release in the near future :D


Leonard P 07 October 2015

Very good, but i have no plan how it works

The text box looks very good, but i have no idea how to add a textbox to an specific trigger

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


CedSharp (Publisher) 02 November 2016

In my next release, the example will be more advanced, I plan in making a mini rpg-like map with some characters you can talk to and items to pickup/use. This will show how to 'trigger' the dialog box by code :D


Anonymous 05 October 2015

amazing text engine

So simple yet powerful at the same time. You dont need advanced knowledge to use it, just have a look at how the code is used in the example textbox and create your own object textbox with whatever fonts or text you like. you dont need all the code he has used in the create event but just add and leave whatever you want. I'm really impressed with this after using other text engines which were a hassle to setup

As recommended to me by a friend, if you want to instantiate this at certain points in time just use the code 'instance_create(x, y, obj_***);' and reference the object textbox that you have made

The autowrapping of text is my favourite feature, really great job.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Christopher S 20 September 2015

Great text engine

I have been looking for a simple to implement dialogue engine. I've tried a few but could not find anything that was easy to work into my project. This engine has worked out great. It's easy to customize and work into your game. I highly recommend it. The only feature I personally would like is the continue icon sprite which is coming per the post below!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Ruisu L 21 August 2015

Highly recommended

This is a basic yet powerfull engine to give your textboxes a great appearance and efects.
Thanks to the publisher

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


CedSharp (Publisher) 30 August 2015

I appreciate your review!
Thanks for using my product ;)

The next version will support branching and
icons ( 'please wait' and 'press to continue' icons )

Hope you'll enjoy it as much as this version if not more!

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