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Please note that the instruction manual is included with the extension under the included files folder.

gameSyncLB is an extension for GameMaker: Studio that will allow you to create a high score list or leaderboard for your game and store it in a MySQL database. This will allow you to have a global high score list or leaderboard of all users playing your game! It will also allow different versions of your game across platforms (Windows, Android iOS, etc) to share the same high score table. The extension works with all GameMaker: Studio exports!

This is a lightweight version of our gameSyncHS extension that is simple and easy to use! This version only does 3 things:

*Insert a record to a database *Pull the lowest score from the database for comparision *Pull the complete high score table from the database (with a limit argument to set it to the size you want!)

This version is plain, simple, and to the point! There are no user account systems or anything else to worry about, this extension works the old school way of asking for a name input on every high score entry.

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.7

Fixed error caused by GMS update. Added simple check for no internet

Version 1.0.7. Published August 30, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 03 January 2019


Jana S 30 June 2017


muntean p 15 May 2017

Really awesome

This is really awesome and works like a charm..tho i'm experiencing issues for adding/passing a new field to the db. Any guidance for that?!


Joseph M 08 January 2017

Fantastic addon

before this I couldn't have online scores for my players to compete with, now I do! Thanks, also excellent support by the guy who created this on Youtube!


Grant B 18 September 2016

Works great, but....

In the gsGetListResults script, you use "for (z=0; z


Steven H 03 August 2015

Nice Extension for old time arcade game

Easy to use once I found manual file. It not mentioned anywhere by manual file is included in gamemaker file. I wish it did more but I see there is a more better paid version to. I set it up nice and have it working on my shump game.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Destron Media LLC. (Publisher) 04 August 2015

Thanks for the comments Steven, I have updated the info to reflect that the manual is included inside the extension, my apologies for not noting that!

The whole idea of this extension is to be simple and not bloated, so it's just an online high score table.

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