This engine works as a starting point for every Dungeon Crawler / Roguelike / Hack & Slash game.

All the dungeons are generated by meshing rectangles together, creating a more organic like dungeon. You can easily create caves, castles, and dungeons fully randomized from that.

The code is very clean and well commented, and very modular. That means that you don't have to understand the core of the engine, just how to set and start the generator. Everything else can be adjustable, improved, and adaptable.

The engine came with a "GameExample" content, using some free sprites from Dawnlike (made by DawnBringer), and showing how to use the generator.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published July 21, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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Jason M 02 November 2016

Great Asset, but some assembly required.

4 major problems with it.
1. there were 2 objects set up in the code that didn't exist, or were named incorrectly
2. there were quite a few unnecessary underscores when trying to call in script obj_wall, they appeared as _obj_wall instead.
3. in the scr_dg_objects_handler script, an important variable that was being defined was literally put as "undefined" instead of an actual value.(i changed it to 5 to fix this)
4. in short, I think this asset is not as advertised.

I had expected to run it with no errors, and readily use it right out of the box, but instead I think the programmer intentionally put those errors in there to make me poke around in the scripts in order to make me fix it.

I DID NOT PAY the amount of money for a bag of potato chips just to get a forced micro programming lesson! I EXPECTED A FINISHED NO ERRORS ASSET.

I give this 2 stars out of sheer marketing principle. as it works like its supposed to, after its fixed. its just false advertising otherwise.


The Lord of the Pixels (Publisher) 20 September 2016

I will check what is happening, I think something is happening because of the last year update of gamemaker, and for sure I will fix any problem, because that was not happening before.

EDIT: Hi, I test it myself, and it's working fine... can you share more information about that bug? Maybe sending me a email, explaining how to reproduce, Or your GameMaker version, if it's beta or not, etc... Thanks in advance!


Nico V 21 July 2015

Nice Asset

Nice asset for the prize.I had a problem with it and the publisher responded within the hour.He told me what to do and it worked.He made an update and is is even more flawless now.Maybe an how to .txt would be nice.The code is verry well commented en easy to read.Great starter kit for dungeon crawlers.
so for the kit , the nice guy and the quick answer i give 5 stars.

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