GMS:1 Outdated This project, contains some really great scripts and a lot of information you can learn from but its compatibility as noted in a few reviews may have some problems now due to game maker updating fatures.

There is heaps of content in here to learn from and base your expanding ideas on so I would still recommend it.

RPG Creation Kit A cross platform, simple to use, compatible rpg framework for use within game maker.

Documentation Check the documentation on my website, its also included in the project.

Warning Early Access Please do not leave negative ratings, this project is in early access and is currently being actively worked on.

RPG Creation Kit Is:

Cross Platform With all exports of game maker, seamlessly works on phones, tablets, game consoles and pc desktop environments.

RPG Maker Compatible With a variety of Assets - charsets, tilesets, window skins etc plug into the engine with only minor work being required on the developers part.

Component Based Allowing all core engine features are to be simply 'unplugged' and replaced with your own implementations. Or expanded in the future with new features.

Event Driven All internal components communicate using an internal network of callbacks and runtime events allowing the user to respond to events in game with code, such as the selection of menu items, transitioning to a new room when a fade is completed.

RPG Creation Kit Features:

  • Resolution Independent Window and HUD Framework
  • Title Screens, In Game Menus
  • Items & Inventory
  • Dialogue System
  • Switches & Variables (RPG Maker Style)
  • Grid & Free Movement Systems
  • Tile Size Compatibility
  • String Interpolation
  • Screen Effects (Fade In, Out, Flash Color, Shake)
  • Screen and Camera Manager (Supports targeting for cut scenes)
  • Automatic Managed Save States
  • Abstracted Input Manager (Keyboard, Touch, Gamepad)
  • Modular Plugin Framework

And SO MUCH More! But I Ran out of description space check out [LINK COMING SOON] for the full list of features, documentation, engine plugins and more.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 0.0.6

New Features

  • Edit Switches In game at runtime with F9 (if debug enabled)
  • In Game Menu - Exit (Returns to title screen, Fades Out)
  • Title Screen Fades In
  • New Demo for Save State
  • Added CC0 Title Screen Background


  • Fixed demo project screen flash dialogue

Version 0.0.6. Published December 15, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1683

Age Rating: 17+

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Anonymous 22 June 2019


Anonymous 30 January 2019


Title says it all..


Alexander R 08 July 2018

Did what I needed.

I was looking for something exactly like this, though my reasoning may be particularly niche.
Specifically, I needed something that could read walking animations in one sprite like RPG Maker does,
plus basic interaction for good measure. It's an easy enough concept, but I'd rather buy this product than
spend time implementing that stuff.

I haven't gone deep into this asset yet, but it delivered on that front, so I'm happy!


tyler t 25 January 2018


Kevin Y 21 July 2017

Same as every other project... Abandoned

Title says it all..


Frank D 23 March 2017

Its been almost a year since the last update.

was this abandoned?


Gary M 19 October 2016

Not sure it is worth the money,


Alexey B 05 July 2017

The problem with loading a saved game.

In the example, the function does not work download a saved game. I had been sent a video message Rm2kdev. By using GMS 1.4.1757, the launch of an example under Windows. Probably, support for RPG Creation Kit discontinued.


GIDEON P 16 July 2016

Quality bit of kit

Loving what you have so far and is great to see you doing somthing like this

a game like this needs a crafting module tho for sure and maybe a way of having either npc followers or even pets

keep up the great work


Daniel F 19 April 2016

A lot of potential

I'm very interested in this and how it develops. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work with HTML5 at the moment, which was the primary reason I purchased it, and only displays a green screen with the FPS counter on the bottom left. I can interact with objects because I know where things are, but cannot see anything. This is running the demo level that it comes with. Works great in Windows though.

Edit 4/14: doesn't work with iOS or Android either, screen distorts.


Rm2kdev (Publisher) 18 July 2016

Thanks Daniel!

I really appreciate your feedback and you are correct the html 5 exporter has seemed to stop working i'll be looking into that asap, the issue seems to be around when game maker updates since i am attempting to target all exports compatibility between one or more breaks as the engine features change. Overall though as long as windows, mac and linux are working that is the most important thing as i am sure the html and mobile exports would be only simple bugs due to broken compatibility with game maker engine updates.

As a temporary and simple fix if you scroll down on the description page you can see the exact version this engine was compiled and tested against all features are 100% working as advertised in that build of game maker.

Also, I've just tested the android export on my galaxy s6 and i'm not getting any issues with it could you possibly send me the details of your phone so i can look into it cheers!

Kind Regards


James R 18 January 2016

Probably the best RPG Kit for GM:S so far

Although this kit is not complete yet, it is has excellent design and a great framework to create any RPG or adventure game from. Because of it's modular design, this kit offers some great flexibility. If your RPG calls for a different way of doing input or inventory or something else a module is dedicated to, then all you have to do is just redesign that module and the rest of the kit should still function. I would love to see an example module created for simple turn based combat. Thanks for the excellent extension! :)


Rm2kdev (Publisher) 23 January 2016

Thanks James! Really appreciate your feedback, I'll defiantly be looking at creating some super basic example's in the future still have a lot of work to do around bedding down the core though but for the most part as you mention its mostly ready :D


Alex M 29 December 2015

Great asset with a lot of potential

This asset is definitely one of the best engines for gamemaker.
But at this point i would not recommend it to someone who is still learning GML but for anyone who is more knowledgeable with it, i would highly recommend it!


Fredrik H 17 December 2015

Shows a lot of promise

Not very useful at the moment, but looking forward to future updates. Bought this well knowing that it's not finished, but I was hoping the core things like movement and animation was a bit more refined.

Looking forward to updates and will update the scores accordingly. :)


Rm2kdev (Publisher) 23 January 2016

Hi Fredrik,

Edit 23/01/2016: Never heard back from Fredrick sadly.
Edit 25/12/2015: Its been over a week and I've not heard anything back from you could you please reach out with more detailed feedback.

Thanks for the review :) could I get you to possibly elaborate a little more as to what was lacking so far most of the mechanics listed in the description are implemented, movement currently is a fully featured grid based movement system with interaction and multiple types of tile events? animation fully supports 4 directions and standing / stopped states.

As for the not very useful statement, could I get some further clarification on this too :) as with switches and variables any level of questing, game state and in game logic is currently doable to the exact same level as 'rpg maker'?

If the marketplace doesn't support replying could you contact me :D!

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