Have you ever wanted to make a 3D game in game maker? If so 3D FPS Engine is a great starter tool for people new to game maker exploring the 3D world. Using the simplistic room creator you can easily add what ever you want in your 3D world and have a great fun action packed FPS. Here is a full list for all the features(note texture are not included beside very basic necessary textures):

  • barrels
  • explosive(can be shot but no explosion animation)
  • floor
  • roof
  • walls (different lengths)
  • shooting mechanic
  • crates
  • movable player(can crouch jump and walk with w, a, s, and d)
  • (note: textures for models must be a background and set to be used for 3D)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published July 9, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1565

Age Rating: 9+

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orbis s 31 March 2019


Anonymous 29 January 2019


Anonymous 18 January 2019


Anonymous 25 December 2017


Leo J 08 July 2017

Really cool!

This is a really useful engine! I might make a game using this engine!


Anonymous 16 June 2017

Very handy Engine. Better than some premium conten

Everything you need to start on your own original Doom-style first person shooter


Yihang X 23 June 2017


James G 02 April 2017

pretty good

A good start for any developer. takes care of all the annoying stuff that makes 3D a pain in the arse.

but if anyone reading this wants to take their design to the next level, this 3D modeling program will help do just that, allowing you to add more than just the basic shapes


Mischa v 03 April 2016

Broken view / Mouse too sensitive - please fix

I can't even look around because the whole screen flips out by the smallest movement of the mouse. Running version 1.0.0. on GMS 1.4.1749, Windows 7.


Erik H 11 March 2016

Great learningtool!

This engine has learned me creating FPS! Thank you for this!


Ian B 16 February 2016

Very good!

I found this extension to be very useful for the new game I'm currently developing, and it's going great!


Kyle F 05 February 2016

Access Violation

Cant get it to work for me, Game Maker Pro v1.4.1567

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