Welcome to the Clicker Engine, where all the magic behind the cookies are.

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  • Unlockable building system.
  • Basic upgrade system which appear if requirements are met.
  • Achievement system
  • Smooth Animations
  • Easily customized
  • Cookie falling background, depending on amount of cookies per second, and every time clicked.
  • Parent objects for upgrades and buildings, allowing easier creation.
  • In depth docs including tutorials for creating and changing – buildings and upgrades.
  • Save and load with .ini files.
  • Well commented code
  • Slick and simple interface.
  • Hover-over tooltips


The clicker engine is a game in which the aim is to earn as many cookies as possible to unlock new achievements, upgrades and buildings. This is accomplished by clicking rapidly (or slowly) to purchase buildings which reward you in an increase in ‘cookies per second’. With more cookies that automatically make every second, the faster you will reach a larger amount.

The Clicker Engine aims to recreate this simple but addictive game for beginner/intermediate game developers to help them learn, and create their own Clicker game.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published July 5, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1522

Age Rating: 4+

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Nikita B 09 November 2018


Dominik K 24 October 2018


Bradley S 15 October 2017

Great engine, very easy to use and make your own.

I have one issue, however. When I port to a mobile device (tested in Android) the game does not save or load any progress. Is there a solution for this?


Anonymous 13 June 2017

Version for GMS 2?

I can't attribute a rating for the moment beacause i'm not able to open the project on the new version of GameMaker.

Do you have a technique to make it work for Game Maker Studio version 2?
Or do you plan to release an update?

Thank you very much,


Zhang B 02 June 2017


Anonymous 04 May 2017


Lukas O 02 May 2017

Very Good, but

there are some parts, where you use hardcoded values, no multitouch etc.

But this is high level criticism. All in all its very GOOD!


Anonymous 25 March 2017


Alexander R 29 January 2017


what a scam...


Johan B 12 January 2017

Works GREAT!!

The engine works great, it is well commented and easy to understand :)

Just one thing, regarding oCookie, I want the animation to play 3 sub images instead of 2, I can't seem to figure out how to do this, could you please assist me?


Elliott R 28 October 2016

Very Good!

Recently purchased this engine and it is very good for a first time gamemaker project to learn your way round the language and software. Only small problem I' having is that I can't find 'data.ini' on my computer and cannot work out how to reset progress/wipe this file. Have contacted developer and not had a reply yet, but would greatly appreciate help!


Geeky (Publisher) 03 November 2016

Hi Elliot,
Try checking your game folder, it is a hidden file so you wouldnt need to enable that :)


Bryce J 30 September 2016

Almost perfect

Everything is amazing so far, but I ran into an issue when trying to port the game to mobile devices where the game doesn't save progress.

Tried emailing the developer a few times for help with fixing the no saving issue but haven't had a response. Saw he was responding to reviews, so if I can get a response I have no problem changing review to 5/5 because it is worth it.


Anonymous 18 September 2016

Second Overlay on Android

Like the other mate said, there is a second overlay on Android. How to fix this?

Contacted Publisher. Helped me instantly :)
How to Fix:
1. Delete oVignitte Object
2. Delete
if (!instance_exists(oVignette)) {
in oGlobal Object.
3. Try it


Jonathan D 19 January 2017

Wow ..

Nice code with descriptions but when test ran on android, it makes the game overlap each other so there's like a copy of the game on top of another copy..

Fixed the issue but removed the shader which made it look less cool.


Geeky (Publisher) 18 September 2016

Hi Jonathan,
Sorry for the late response, however the solution is quite simple.
In your oGlobal object, delete this section of code:

if (!instance_exists(oVignette)) {

The vignette shader does not seem to adjust to the varying screen sizes of android, thus, causing the problem of two screens.
If this does fix it, changing your review would be much appreciated !



aegof f 27 November 2015

Almost everything I wanted.

I wish it had a way to keep the counters running in HTML5 while the window's out of focus, but otherwise a very good demo.


Jan V 22 November 2015

Really Good Engine !

Wow , really good work , i have some questions though..First of all - scrolling in shop - can you explain it somehow ? (updating documentation.docx or something) and when i want to add a new building i do everything fine ,but when i get to the .ini thing i mess up (when i open the code (end game > code) there is only one command , i recall it's save_ini; i guess .. when i put the 4 command you mentioned in the .docx the game will show me an error .. Hope you'll response. Anyways GREAT ENGINE !


Andrew P 27 October 2015

Great Engine

Works great, easy to augment and add new features to.


Zwembad S 02 October 2015

Nice clicker


Ryke C 14 August 2015

Nice asset !

Or change the cursor, I do not find it?
Sorry for my bad english ^^


Vikram P 13 July 2015

Great asset

The code is well documented. It is an amazing asset. I recommend this to everyone thinking of making a clicker game.


Duy N 09 July 2015

Cool asset

I want to add more buildings to the default, but it seems that the asset doesn't support scrolling, so my latter buildings are out of the screen, and I can't touch them.

IS there anyway to fix that, thank you so much.


Geeky (Publisher) 25 July 2015

Hi Duy,
Sorry for the late response. Hopefully I can update this asset to support scrolling, however using the code provided there are many solutions to add more buildings (easier if you have more experience), such as creating more states (eg. shop1, shop2) and placing your new buildings there. Feel free to email me if you have any further clarifications ;)


Pinba T 05 July 2015

A must-have asset ;D

There are so many great features bundled with this and the code is well commented. The developer is kind, simple and responds swiftly. The interplay between each inherited object is easy to understand, and the documentation is outstanding. Everything I need for an upcoming game of mine!

Thanks so much - amazing asset!

I recommend this to anyone looking for a quick 'clicker' style game, well worth the money ;)

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