A very basic example of a color picker which uses 2 sprites, 1 script, 1 object and 1 room.

The hue and saturation of the color are based on the cursor's position over the colored square, rather than by using draw_getpixel. So all values of 0 - 255 are represented for both hue and saturation on the square and you don't get the same slow down as you would with draw_getpixel.

The same object draws and detects interactions with the value slider to the right of the colored square. This completes the HSV color picker.

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Version 1.0.0. Published July 3, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1565

Age Rating: 4+

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Luke P 27 November 2017

It does the job, but is made of magic numbers

It's free and it does the job, so it's hard to complain. But with a little tweaking, this color picker could be really great.

It's made entirely of magic numbers drawing all of the pieces and parts where they need to be. And while some parts of it are tied to its own x and y coordinates, some aspects of it require that it be at the (0,0) position to work because it just looks for a mouse position between 0 and 360.

If it had more control in it and had options, this asset would be great. It took a little tweaking, but now I've made it use coordinates based on screen position and not on being at (0,0).


Anonymous 01 January 2017

Very compact , very usable, excellent!!

this color picker is nice and minimal,, really is just perfect for most things, it could be easily sized to fit any need,, the only edit I had to make right away was the cursor size , that guy was just far to big for my purpose lol. Thank you for a great asset here , good work!


Angel S 15 September 2016

Very useful

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