Shader that makes your screen looks like an old low quality computer display. Convex pixelated screen effect with colour palette cutting.

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Version 1.0.0. Published July 4, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.161

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 21 March 2019


orbis s 30 January 2019


Anonymous 23 November 2018


Maciej K 06 June 2018

Not user friendly

I wanted to use it but it is hard to implement and customize.


Isaac T 09 April 2018


Anonymous 10 August 2017


Simple and beautiful addon for my game.


Anonymous 21 September 2016

Excellent!! but...

How I can remove the effect of pixel?
Thanks very much.


Jaimie D 27 March 2016

Fairly Simple, Big Impact!

Very simple asset. My lack of shader knowledge leads me to believe that this asset deserves the 4 stars. This asset is not for every game, but it is a good idea!


Mark A 07 September 2014

Nice effect, but...

The effect is nice but the example has virtually zero comments and is very difficult to add to a project. There is no explanation of how it works, nor why you need views etc... and the fact that you can't customise it easily to change things like the scanline effect or curvature, really spoil things for the end user. Could have been great, but instead is mediocre.


ben c 15 August 2014

Not user friendly

It took me way, way too long to figure out how to implement this in my game, and even then I couldn't figure out how to customize it so it looks better, because right now it makes everything so jumbled you can hardly even play the game.

The entire yoyogames marketplace will fail if all the products here are this shamefully documented and supported.


Marco K 11 August 2014

Nice effect!

Simple but awesome! Really like it :). Personally I agree, it's faster to use two shaders since the one without saturation is faster. I'm actually propably going to play arround with the shader a bit. It's going to be fun :)


Anonymous 12 July 2014

Effect is nice but

Not enough effort put in to provide a quality product.

The 2 shaders that could have been combined into 1.
Shader code would be confusing for users not familiar with GLSL and no user interaction permitted to adjust any of the variables like the curvature amount.


PsichiX (Publisher) 16 July 2014

that 2 shaders could not have been combined into 1, let me explain why: one of them uses saturation, so from the optimization point of view it's always better to not use conditions in shaders because of slower processing of shaders like this (or even not compiled shaders on some devices). That's why i used and i will always make separated shaders for this kind :)

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