127 custom tiles for all your blocky platformer needs!

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Version 1.0.0. Published June 13, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.420

Age Rating: 4+

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Kasden W 27 May 2019

Truly Super

Now this sort of thing is totally amazing. The style reminds me of an arcade game, but all the same, these look really cool! The guy behind this should do enemy sprites, player sprites, more tilesets, boss sprites, maybe even world map tiles! Ya hear me 9.ar7k? Keep up the good work!


Anonymous 29 September 2017


Stanley D 02 March 2016


These images are amezing!
Really love the style, and there are a lot of images so you can do a lot of things with them!

With other words this pack is awesome!

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