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Have you ever registered for a website or service and, in order to complete the process, you would have to verify a code they send you via text? Have you ever wondered how to do that? Well, look no further! Using the magic of PHP and Game Maker: Studio, you too can add two-step authentication for your projects in no time!

SMS Code Verification works with over 150 of the top cell phone service providers.

How does it work? A code is generated and sent to you via text message. You must enter in that code in order to continue with whatever you were doing. It's great for an additional security step and can ensure the authenticity of a user.

Don't want to send text messages, but rather direct emails? No problem! Instead of grabbing a phone number for input, get the player's email. It's that easy!

Note, a webhost which allows access to the PHP mail() function is necessary.

The example provided works on desktop, but this asset can easily be modified to work on all platforms (how you handle user input is up to you).

All necessary .php files are included, and commented, in the project. No php knowledge is required.


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Version 1.0.1. Published March 17, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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