Video Player for GMS 1.4


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It is here! An advanced video player for Game Maker: Studio 1.4!

Play AVI videos within game maker.


• Freely move and position video.

• Play, pause, stop, & restart.

• Windowed and full screen mode.

• Adjustable depth.

• X & Y scaling (adjustable independently).

• Adjustable transparency.

• Rotation

• Play multiple video files (not simultaneous).

• Sample object file included.

• Adjustable volume on audio track.


• Platform: Supports Windows build only.

• GameMaker Version: 1.x

• Video format: Must be AVI format (target machine must support the codec used).

Freely move and position video

Position your video where ever you like and move it around at runtime.

Play, pause, stop, & restart functionality

Essential controls that any player requires.

Windowed and full screen mode

Windowed mode allows you to play the video at normal size as it was coded. Full screen mode will automatically adjust the video to fit the full client area (Note: this doesn't force the application from windowed mode to full screen - so no unnessesary issues if your game is intended to run in a window).

Adjustable depth

Being a true solution (i.e. actually runs inside the GM:S renderer - not a 'hack' like some video player alternatives), you can adjust the depth of the calling object and the video will respect this. So, you can have objects pass behind and infront of the video. Think of the video as a sprite!

Can play multiple video files (not simultaneous)

You can have as many videos in your project as you like. Once you are finished with one video, just load another one and play it. Simple as that!

Sample object file and video included

Just drag and drop the object file into your project and run it. Then modify the object to suit your application. The script in the object are fully commented too!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.5. Published April 15, 2015

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