** Price reduced permanently due to GMS 1.4 end of life **

It is here! An advanced video player for Game Maker: Studio 1.4!

Play AVI videos within game maker.


• Freely move and position video.

• Play, pause, stop, & restart.

• Windowed and full screen mode.

• Adjustable depth.

• X & Y scaling (adjustable independently).

• Adjustable transparency.

• Rotation

• Play multiple video files (not simultaneous).

• Sample object file included.

• Adjustable volume on audio track.


• Platform: Supports Windows build only.

• GameMaker Version: 1.x

• Video format: Must be AVI format (target machine must support the codec used).

Freely move and position video

Position your video where ever you like and move it around at runtime.

Play, pause, stop, & restart functionality

Essential controls that any player requires.

Windowed and full screen mode

Windowed mode allows you to play the video at normal size as it was coded. Full screen mode will automatically adjust the video to fit the full client area (Note: this doesn't force the application from windowed mode to full screen - so no unnessesary issues if your game is intended to run in a window).

Adjustable depth

Being a true solution (i.e. actually runs inside the GM:S renderer - not a 'hack' like some video player alternatives), you can adjust the depth of the calling object and the video will respect this. So, you can have objects pass behind and infront of the video. Think of the video as a sprite!

Can play multiple video files (not simultaneous)

You can have as many videos in your project as you like. Once you are finished with one video, just load another one and play it. Simple as that!

Sample object file and video included

Just drag and drop the object file into your project and run it. Then modify the object to suit your application. The script in the object are fully commented too!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.5

Added functions:



Version 1.0.5. Published April 15, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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Juan O 24 August 2018

Works for me very well

My final game in 1.4 will have unlockable videos and this works perfectly for what I need. I didn't need nothing fancy. Just simply loading the video onto the game was enough but this has some nice features. Pretty much the same flexibility with the draw_sprite_ext function only for videos which includes the basic stop, pause, and play. If you still have 1.4 and need video support, you can't go wrong with this one.


Anonymous 05 September 2017

Undisputed winner!

Hands down, the best video player extension available for Windows!


Samuel V 25 September 2017

Awesome Extension!

I am so happy you decided to put your assets back up for sale! Can't beat the prices, too! Plenty of features and bug-free. Can't be happier! Keep up the great work!

Cheers man!


Vladislav S 18 July 2017


Cortez S 11 July 2017

Only Default Video Will play

I have tried everything to get this video player to work I even looked up the file information of the video that comes with the extension and duplicated everything with my video. I even rename my file the same file as the default video and still could not get anything to play. I have tried to contact the developer on here but when I hit the contact publisher button it says Asset not found.

From the example video that comes with it and all the functions I will say it looks like an great extension. But the simple fact that it seems to be very difficult to get any other video outside the default to play is rather frustration and is the only reason why I am given it such a low review score.

If you look at the review section and the comments I am not the only person who has a problem getting other videos to load. I was hoping to see a response or fix from one of the response but all I see is contact the publisher as a the response. Hope their is a fix for this


Richard F 21 May 2018

AVI very poor format to support

As others have said, videos come out to be GBs large. Using a codec like H264 is fine and all, but for the many many many computers that don't have that codec already pre-installed, this is useless. The only AVI codec guaranteed every Windows machine would have, is Windows Video 1, and that codec is by far the worst when it comes to compression.

Anyways that's not even my problem, no matter what video I use, even the sample video, it just will not work for me.


Lonewolff (Publisher) 25 September 2017

FWIW - H264 videos can be played without additional codecs from Windows 7 upwards. If your videos are GB's in size you are not encoding your videos correctly. As always, if you are having issues please hit that 'Contact Publisher' button. ;)


Lindsay H 24 March 2017

Videos didn't play

I could only get this to work in an empty gamemaker project by itself. When I imported it into my game it wouldn't work.


Lonewolff (Publisher) 04 April 2017

Feel free to hit that 'Contact Publisher' button. That's what it's there for :)


Carl N 04 March 2017

Does what it says

Great job! Sadly there is no way to get the length of the video or change or get the position in the video tho. Would be handy


Anonymous 22 February 2017

Videos won't play

I'm rather frustrated that the only video that will play is the one that came with the file. The file I have is avi, but still will not play


Lonewolff (Publisher) 18 April 2017

Feel free to hit that 'Contact Publisher' button. That's what it's there for :)


Joshua W 10 December 2016

Good Plugin, Use of AVI is not a very good idea.

The AVI format is just such an awful format to use for this. Videos up to a minute at HD quality end up being 7 gigs. Makes it difficult to implement videos. Maybe it's something on my end, I'm using Sony Vegas currently.


Lonewolff (Publisher) 12 December 2016

AVI is just a container format and has nothing to do with the compression algorithm used. Sounds like you are using uncompressed footage. A minute of HD quality footage should equate to a few MB when using H264 compression.


Shota B 01 December 2016

Works fine, but has a problem with memory leak

Every time a video is loaded, there is a memory leak, memory usage increases by about 20MB. A proper unload video function would be nice... the one that comes with the extension right now can only be used at the game end? Also it crashes the game each time I try to use it.

Also I'm making an app that is supposed to be running 24/7 on some PCs and after 30-40 mins of running the app, the videos are no longer working.


Lonewolff (Publisher) 06 December 2016

Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to load / unload video at any stage with no leak. I am looking into your concerns right now, as leaks are a big issue.


Michael D 19 November 2016


Very easy to use and has great Functionality. Definitely worth the price, although i wish this came this GameMaker already.


Anonymous 11 October 2016

Awesome, would like to load multiples files

I'm making a program in which the player can choose what order videos are played, it works great, but between each video it has to unload and load the next video which creates a split second pause, it's really distracting. It would be nice if I could have at least 2 videos loaded at a time, so that it just plays the next video immediately with no gap, while unloading and loading the proceeding video in the other slot.


Stefan A 11 September 2016

Great Extension, only minor difficulties

I converted all Videos I needed into AVI files (XVID), but some of them are not showing up (while audio is working). Why is that?
Rest works perfectly. I like the extension and use it often.


Tony H 21 July 2016

Not working with videos, help?

I've been trying to use this extension for cutscenes, but it it keeps crashing if I use any video besides the example (and yes, they are all .avi). Can you please tell me what's going wrong?


Lonewolff (Publisher) 03 August 2016

Could be the compressor you are using. If the header is 'malformed' this extension will not render correctly. DivX and XVid work perfectly and are ideal for the quality and compression.


Fidas S 20 June 2016

AWESOME Extension, but need help to HTML5 export

I'm trying export my game with a video using HTML5 module, but the function "external_define()" don't works like in windows... Need help pls, this extension will help me a lot latter.
Best Regards.


Lonewolff (Publisher) 27 June 2016

Sorry but HTML5 is not supported. This is a 'Windows build only' extension. As per the description page.


Steve W 01 April 2016

Great Extension

Works very well, lot of functions to mess with the video. GMS should have this by default.


Alexander V 15 February 2016

Working nicely

Although is only for Windows only, it is rather feature rich. I had an issue with a specific AVI file (video appearing in grayscale and the texture distorted) and had to capture the video again for it to work. Other than that works alright.


Lonewolff (Publisher) 21 February 2016

Hi Alexander. What you describe tends to happen if the AVI file has a corrupted header, where the video data doesn't start exactly where the header says it should be. Re-encoding the video will normally fix his (as you have found).

Also, I have tried to reply to an email that you sent me but it keeps bouncing back saying it can't be delivered to you. :(


nando s 07 February 2016

Just what I expected.

Works very well, developers should have included this app in their engine.


omid g 07 November 2015

nicely work ....

nice asset , well done.
it will be perfect if you add support for more location than include project files .


Lonewolff (Publisher) 10 December 2015

Thanks :)

You can actually specify any file location. You are not trapped in the sandbox with this extension.


Tammy A 15 April 2015


By far the best extension on the Marketplace!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Anonymous 04 October 2014

Excellent Extension

At long last, a video player for Game maker Studio. Now I can finally create my own video for front-end, and cut scenes.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Roland W 27 August 2014

GMS needs this

Works greats, well integrated too.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Alex T 11 August 2014

Superb bit of kit with a Dev who wants to help!

Had some issues getting it going, mainly due to me being a beginner with GM. Very simple to use and the Dev is friendly, quick to reply and keen to help! If you need videos in your project, this is the way to do it!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Jarin R 11 August 2014

Very Good

Long time to my search video player in GMS , It function is very nice.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Alexander W 06 July 2014


At long last this functionality is available for GMS! Does exactly what it says, while being flexible. Avoids the bloat issues GM8 had when dealing with video to boot. If you want real desktop video support for your game this is the ticket right here!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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