A small example of how to create an effect of blood in the style Super Meet Boy and other similar. - Control of the amount of blood by changing a variable. - Funny effect to fall and explode the blood.

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Version 1.0.0. Published May 6, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.402

Age Rating: 4+

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Mark L 07 January 2018

Some windows errors errors

Hi, This is great, but its triggering 5 windows errors, to do with TexturesM.cpp. All the errors look related to a single issue, something missing or not set correctly, maybe. It may have some thing to do with how I imported into my project.

I'm new to GMS 2, so there's that. Once the errors are clicked on, game runs fine and blood works great. any help would be greatly appreciated.

07-01-2018 UPDATE:
OK not heard from developer yet, but its only been a couple of days. Did my own research and came up with this fix/ workaround
In objSurfaceController Create event - change to
"ww = window_get_width();
hh = window_get_height();

global.surface_blood = surface_create(ww, hh); "

and in Draw event change to this;

"ww = window_get_width();
hh = window_get_height();
if !surface_exists(global.surface_blood)
//global.surface_blood = surface_create(room_width,room_height); original code
----> global.surface_blood = surface_create(ww,hh);


Alexander R 06 February 2017


Effective and simple, this is the type of asset the Marketplace was made for. Extremely compatible!

Tip: When I implemented this asset to my complex project, the blocks became invisible. If this happens to you, it can be solved with a simple "draw_self()" command up top. The asset is perfect, sometimes Game Maker just throws a curveball your way!

It may also be worth noting I am currently using Game Maker Studio 2.


Irvin M 19 August 2016


This is just perfect only 5 star i give but worth 10..Only question can i use script for my own project that will be free and paid on steam in future.I mean i want use one of part script in my game.


Reed Hector (Publisher) 18 September 2016

feel free to use the code in your game

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