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A collection of scripts that improve and extend the movement functions native to GameMaker Language.

All scripts come with auto-complete comments to help with usage as well as a short description and explanation of inputs and outputs. Depending on the complexity of the script additional comments are provided to help with understanding , using and modifying the scripts.


Smooth Rotation! with proportional and absolute speed options.*

Move Towards Improvements! Stopping at the target position and decelerating on the way

Move In a sinusoidal or helical pattern.

Move around a point in a hypotrochoid! Example input provided for creating atom like movement as well as an ellipsoid!

Swirl around in amazing epicycloid patterns!

Find the direction you need to fire in to hit a moving target!

Snap to a grid using 3 different functions**

Snap to a direction to ensure 4,8 or any finite number of directions

Predict an instance's movement parameters***

Find the Nth nearest or furthest instance

Use the extended instance creation to set various inbuilt variables on creation

Check if an instance is within a given area****

*Smooth Rotation scripts will turn in the shortest direction and will cease turning once the required direction has been reached.

**(Square Grid without offset, Square Grid with offsets and Rectangular Grid with offsets)

***Two versions of this script are provided 1 will only return the position at each step while the second returns more parameters.

****Two versions of this script are provided 1 uses merely the instances position while the other uses its bounding box

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.3. Published March 14, 2015

Movement Predict Scripts fixed for YYC targets

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