Get the input volume (the volume of speech) of the main microphone.

Perfect for party or crowd games!

It works by simply adding an object to your room and getting the variable microphone_volume

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Version 1.0.0. Published April 16, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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Michael B 18 August 2017

Works well

Thanks for the free code! It really helped me get my head around creating and reading audio buffers, thanks :) Works as described!


Tamuno A 25 March 2017

I LOVE IT works perfect

It works perfect however I found a problem theres no way to choose from your audio devices had time figuring why it wont work...... and realized I had a earphone connected with a microphone hahaha so I tweaked it a abit and also for others who wants to use this the value for normal speaking voice is > 2000 and the ones less than 2000 is probably justthe ambient or whatever (Edit:It chrashes on android probably on the create event of the obj_mic mind fixing that pls)


Anonymous 10 March 2017

Works great, even on android.

It works as expected. Just remember to give permissions to record_audio, and external_write_storage and it works on android also.

IDK if this change is required for android, but I did it to cover more cases:

basically I only changed the audio_get_recorder_count(0) and audio_start_recording(0) lines.

var count = audio_get_recorder_count();
case 0:
show_message("You have no recording devices!");
case 1:
audio_recorder = 0;
audio_recorder = get_integer("You have " + string(count) + " recording devices. Enter index (0-" + string(count - 1) + "):", 0);
audio_record = audio_start_recording(audio_recorder);


David L 07 March 2017


Amazing work, would it be possible for us to add code to analyze the frequency? Would be cool for guitar or (musical) keyboard controlled games...
Thanks for sharing your work!


Michael T 28 November 2016

Works Fantastically

On windows, works very well, made a voice activated animated video overlay for twitch with it. Simple code but why reinvent the wheel, thanks :D


Joshua P 13 October 2016

Works on windows but want to personalize

what exactly records the mic vol level , I want to know because lets say
if mic vol equal more than 20 or whatever then character speed = 5 . something like that, what value or variable or whatever knows which volume the mic is at


Jan B 05 October 2016

Working great on windows, but...

... it crashes on Android :(
Any suggestions?


Jinhyug Y 10 September 2016

pls develope working on android...

and check sound pitch(level?)...
i really hope so.


Anonymous 10 October 2015

Ok great but

It's Not working on android, I tried


HappyTearParakoopa (Publisher) 04 January 2018

I'm not sure actually.
However if the game maker microphone functions work on android: yes!

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