Build with and for GMS 1.4.

This is Rogue-Lock, a roguelike STARTER PACK.

Rogue-Lock is not an engine, it's a starter pack. You've got a lot of resources to start creating a roguelike game.


  • Procedurally generated levels.
  • Fully functional inventory system.
  • Custom fullscreen script (Pixel perfect).
  • Auto-tiling level.
  • Save/Load system (As a separate project).
  • Examples of: Player sheet / enemy A.I. / Shadowcasting FOV / Turn-based system / Random loot.

As a BONUS: From my assets on the Marketplace I included these original asset on a .zip:

Grid shadow casting

Inventory DB

Grid path

Yes, they're all included on this asset!! They are all well detailed.

There is a lot of examples in this project to help you.

Demo of Rogue-Lock, with and without YYC

Rogue_Save demo with and without YYC

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.9

Added le latest version of Inventory DB to the Rogue-Lock-Bundle. Note that the version of Inventory DB implemented in Rogue-Lock is an older one.

Version 1.0.9. Published April 21, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757

Age Rating: 4+

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Darcy K 01 December 2017

Fantastic project, very helpful deveioper

I began learning GML with this project and was able to dive right in and begin developing my own Rogue-like. Well structured and naming convention is a great for developing more complex operations (ie data structure for items, and arrays to handle variables for inventory, monsters and player character). Just the right amount of complexity for people early to GML to get their feet wet.
Jonathan (dev) helped me solve an alteration was struggling with on the same day i emailed him. Great support!
I haven't tried the Ultimate version but based on the starter pack, i would recommend it.
Thanks Jon!


Jio K 23 August 2017

Still one of the best engines

This is exactly what I needed.
Perhaps the Best choice for roguelike starter kit.


Matthew V 02 April 2017

Doesn't work with GMS 2

Out of the box this does not work with Gamemaker Studio 2 (the latest version of gamemaker).

I fixed this by:
1) Changing the single quotes to double quotes in the obj_inventory Step event
2) Defining the macros by doing #macro Tile_Size 24, etc. in the obj_creator Create event with all the macros

As a starter pack it does have some good basics, as listed in the features section. A good place to start for the specific features listed!


Jonathan Moreau (Publisher) 03 April 2017

May I ask you if you gave it 3 stars because it doesn't work with GMS2? Asset built with gms are not flagged for GMS2.


Jordan Z 02 November 2016

Nice engine for grid-games, EXCELLENT support

If you'd like to implement "fog-of-war" and/or "grid-based pathfinding" into your game, these are the best scripts you will find. The customer support doesn't get any better either. The last time I had a question (read: 3 paragraphs of questions), I got a helpful and detailed response from the author within the hour. Definitely check it out if you have no idea where to start for your grid-based game, or if you're just looking to see how its done. Thanks for the great resource!


Lewis B 30 April 2016

Great engine.. Great support.

This engine does what I need it to do and when I ran into an issue the developer was very quick to respond and worked with me until we came to a solution. Again, could not be happier with this purchase.


Mariano C 16 January 2016

Great engine... well documented

It's all you need to start your roguelike game.

Any problem I had the developer helped me very fast. Great support.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


David L 27 August 2015

Still not sure.

Updated Review:

For the price I expected standard coding practices (like ending a line with a semicolon) and proper grammar for the comments. I wish there was more documentation so I could easily locate the sections I need to modify for my intended purpose. Despite these issues, the author has assured me that the price includes support as well and I'm currently looking forward to working with him to figure out the best solution for my needs. I'll update the review again after I see how this goes. :)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Jonathan Moreau (Publisher) 28 August 2015

Thank you for your comments.


Anonymous 04 July 2015

Great download! Great Support!

This project is amazing and works very well! I had a small catch getting it to run, but Jonathan was very quick to get back to me and walked me through the steps. Money well spent!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Cameron W 20 May 2015

Great resource, great support

I've skimmed the scripts and it looks incredibly useful. Had a quick troubleshoot question for the dev and he responded in 30 minutes. Polite and helpful.

10/10, would buy from again.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


sangwon O 19 May 2015

Very Useful Source

I wanted this roguelike game sources. For me it feels a little difficult, but Jonathan gives a friendly and easy to answer whenever I question. If the intermediate is if I seem to be able to use this source more useful. thanks to Jonathan who willingly disclose the source. (Google Translate)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


James R 13 May 2015

A faithful homage to the Classic Rogue

I have tried nearly all of the Rogue engines on the market so far. IMHO, most are good but the Rogue-Lock starter pack is the most feature faithful to the original classic Rogue implementation minus the ascii characters, of course. ;) The code is well commented, at least for me, and gives an excellent basis for any Rogue-like game that you wish to create. Item definitions are data driven and loaded from an include file. So they are easy to modify. The developer was very quick to respond and fast to make changes. Overall, I felt it was worth every penny. Thanks so much for making this extension!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


MIN U 07 May 2015

great package

easy to use & fast contact when you have some question on it.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


davide m 10 April 2015

Great value!

This package is very rich, well programmed and commented clearly. Sweet start for creating a roguelike game!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

Package contents

Total size 2.43 MB 9.43 KB Rogue-Lock
Backgrounds datafiles Fonts Objects Rooms Scripts
scr_add_door.gml 603 Bytes scr_apply_damage.gml 817 Bytes scr_area_random_cell.gml 495 Bytes scr_attack_melee.gml 630 Bytes scr_cells_share_room.gml 364 Bytes scr_cell_available.gml 900 Bytes scr_cell_bit_value.gml 821 Bytes scr_cell_is_around_cell.gml 399 Bytes scr_change_grid_to_tile.gml 1.5 KB scr_change_grid_to_tile_around_cell.gml 802 Bytes scr_dice_test.gml 283 Bytes scr_dig_corridor_straight.gml 6.23 KB scr_display_fullscreen.gml 1.15 KB scr_door_can_be_place.gml 584 Bytes scr_draw_surface.gml 179 Bytes scr_effect_give_life.gml 186 Bytes scr_fill_static_with_random_loot.gml 442 Bytes scr_find_grid_path.gml 8.1 KB scr_FOV_grid.gml 2.58 KB scr_initialize_plane_asset.gml 120 Bytes scr_inventory_add_item.gml 1.77 KB scr_inventory_add_item_pos.gml 1.25 KB scr_inventory_add_item_pos_remains.gml 1.35 KB scr_inventory_drop_item.gml 794 Bytes scr_inventory_item_restriction.gml 506 Bytes scr_inventory_position.gml 637 Bytes scr_inventory_reset_selection.gml 266 Bytes scr_inventory_resize.gml 4.17 KB scr_inventory_set_mouse_position.gml 749 Bytes scr_inventory_sort.gml 1.88 KB scr_inventory_use_item.gml 316 Bytes scr_is_on_view.gml 292 Bytes scr_item_asign_type.gml 332 Bytes scr_item_use_potion.gml 298 Bytes scr_light_update.gml 3 KB scr_light_update_lamp.gml 1.31 KB scr_loot_find_item_name.gml 201 Bytes scr_loot_find_item_type.gml 509 Bytes scr_LOS.gml 529 Bytes scr_monster_action_attack.gml 201 Bytes scr_monster_action_chase.gml 135 Bytes scr_monster_action_seek.gml 308 Bytes scr_monster_action_sleep.gml 477 Bytes scr_moving_effect.gml 664 Bytes scr_moving_effect_script.gml 440 Bytes scr_mysheet_update.gml 256 Bytes scr_plane_enter_exit.gml 639 Bytes scr_player_action_activate_static.gml 636 Bytes scr_player_action_movement.gml 1.32 KB scr_player_action_reveal_hiden_object.gml 2.67 KB scr_player_set_damage_and_armor.gml 776 Bytes scr_pre_surface1.gml 924 Bytes scr_random_item_id.gml 999 Bytes scr_random_item_id_quantity.gml 724 Bytes scr_room_list.gml 695 Bytes scr_scatter_instance.gml 619 Bytes scr_set_depth.gml 101 Bytes scr_sound_item_take.gml 404 Bytes scr_target_in_earing_range.gml 382 Bytes scr_text_value.gml 407 Bytes
Sounds Sprites 744 Bytes 679 Bytes 689 Bytes 738 Bytes 675 Bytes 674 Bytes 680 Bytes 742 Bytes 744 Bytes 748 Bytes 679 Bytes 674 Bytes 736 Bytes 680 Bytes 680 Bytes 680 Bytes 679 Bytes 679 Bytes 679 Bytes 680 Bytes 678 Bytes 679 Bytes 811 Bytes 820 Bytes 817 Bytes 679 Bytes 679 Bytes 681 Bytes 681 Bytes 685 Bytes 688 Bytes 688 Bytes 687 Bytes 678 Bytes 732 Bytes 674 Bytes 740 Bytes 730 Bytes 678 Bytes 730 Bytes 983 Bytes 686 Bytes 688 Bytes images
spr_chest_regular_0.png 202 Bytes spr_chest_regular_1.png 220 Bytes spr_collision_0.png 93 Bytes spr_description_box_0.png 2.34 KB spr_door_crypt_0.png 225 Bytes spr_door_crypt_1.png 198 Bytes spr_enter_0.png 219 Bytes spr_exit_0.png 137 Bytes spr_fx_arrow_0.png 135 Bytes spr_fx_fireball_0.png 163 Bytes spr_fx_fireball_1.png 168 Bytes spr_fx_frostball_0.png 168 Bytes spr_fx_frostball_1.png 172 Bytes spr_fx_poison_ball_0.png 168 Bytes spr_fx_poison_ball_1.png 172 Bytes spr_fx_rock_0.png 169 Bytes spr_gold_0.png 188 Bytes spr_icon_life_0.png 154 Bytes spr_icon_life_1.png 148 Bytes spr_icon_plane_0.png 274 Bytes spr_item_armor_0.png 209 Bytes spr_item_arrow_0.png 194 Bytes spr_item_belt_0.png 172 Bytes spr_item_boot_0.png 176 Bytes spr_item_cape_0.png 158 Bytes spr_item_glove_0.png 206 Bytes spr_item_hat_0.png 183 Bytes spr_item_helm_0.png 181 Bytes spr_item_potion_big_0.png 271 Bytes spr_item_potion_big_1.png 271 Bytes spr_item_potion_big_2.png 259 Bytes spr_item_potion_medium_0.png 251 Bytes spr_item_potion_medium_1.png 251 Bytes spr_item_potion_medium_2.png 240 Bytes spr_item_potion_small_0.png 222 Bytes spr_item_potion_small_1.png 223 Bytes spr_item_potion_small_2.png 219 Bytes spr_item_ring_0.png 187 Bytes spr_item_rock_0.png 157 Bytes spr_item_scroll_0.png 124 Bytes spr_item_shield_0.png 173 Bytes spr_item_weapon_axe_0.png 181 Bytes spr_item_weapon_dagger_0.png 170 Bytes spr_item_weapon_ranged_0.png 162 Bytes spr_item_weapon_sword_0.png 156 Bytes spr_lamp_off_0.png 147 Bytes spr_lamp_on_0.png 236 Bytes spr_lamp_on_1.png 245 Bytes spr_lock_0.png 173 Bytes spr_monster_rat_0.png 290 Bytes spr_monster_rat_1.png 280 Bytes spr_player_0.png 388 Bytes spr_player_1.png 383 Bytes spr_selector_0.png 96 Bytes spr_shadow_0.png 102 Bytes spr_shadow_1.png 120 Bytes spr_shadow_under_0.png 100 Bytes spr_shadow_under_1.png 98 Bytes spr_shadow_under_2.png 98 Bytes spr_shadow_under_3.png 117 Bytes spr_shadow_under_4.png 116 Bytes spr_shadow_under_5.png 112 Bytes spr_weapon_battleaxe_0.png 191 Bytes spr_weapon_morningstar_0.png 201 Bytes

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