Struggled with implementing networking for your game or understanding the core concepts in networking engines? This may be for you!

This asset will take you through creating both TCP and UDP network setups, in a way where you can see every step that is taking place behind the scenes. Everything is commented very heavily to explain all the concepts that are introduced with networking, such as sockets and buffers. There is an introduction on each type of protocol, and a section for deciding which to implement in your game. This means you don't have to rush off to Wikipedia whenever you see a new abbreviation.

Topics Covered:

*What are buffers, sockets and networks? *What is TCP and UDP? Which should I use? *Setting up connections in TCP. *Both P2P and server based UDP solutions. *Sending data in both UDP and TCP. *Console output for every action for complete transparency. *Detailed description for every code line to do with networking.

This framework is meant to supplement the other networking engines on the market such as HTME and Networking with Space.

If you've ever looked into making a network game then you probably began by looking at the different network libraries that are available on the Yoyo forums or Marketplace. These usually amazing network engines are great, but often I found while trying to implement my own code in them I came across problems that rose from me not understanding the underlying networking concepts and systems used by GameMaker.

After seeing the Developer Console created by Icarus Tree, I realized this was a really good way to show what is going on behind the scenes in an interactive way without having to keep track of all the other information that is taking place in the debugger output.

I created my own simpler developer console, but for a more heavily featured developer console please check out the one by Icarus Tree on the Marketplace, it is free.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published April 3, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.355

Age Rating: 4+

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Andreas G 05 November 2018

some errors

if I try to use this I get always this error:
Variable obj_control.TCP(100008, -2147483648) not set before reading it.


Anonymous 29 October 2015

I can't even type into the console.

You initiated the same variable over and over again confusing the and not making the console understand the command giving and the game just give out a error message.


Kevin Y 21 July 2015

Great but cant figure out the database step.

I cannot figure out the Database side. Is there a way you can take a screenshot of how the tables should look?


Icey (Publisher) 08 August 2015

Hey, Sorry for the late reply!

Are you asking about the TCP or UDP side, I'm a little confused about the databases you are talking about since there is a couple of data structures in the project.


Timothy R 01 May 2015

Thank You

Reading your code was the best learning aid I have found so far regarding GMS Networking/Buffers. I struggled with HTME for over a month and the Networking with Space just crashed. I do recommend that you provide a README file or similar documentation to tell your users to add the TCP=1 or UDP=1 macros!


Joe C 07 January 2016

An easy to read and understand networking tutorial

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