Main description: This asset allows you to create dynamically generated backgrounds from sprites, with support for parallax effects and seamless wrapping at the room's borders. It can be used for many situations, not only space-themed projects. Implementation is quite easy and straightforward!




Feature list:

  • Dynamically generated background composed of sprites, without popping in even for large sprites
  • Layer-based approach, where maximum amount of sprites can be specified.
  • Simple mode and advanced mode, where the latter allows full tweaking per layer
  • Seamless wrapping at the room's border, you won't notice a thing
  • Support for parallax effect
  • Tons of randomization options (size, color, angle, image index, alpha) and examples
  • Extended support for sprite animations (jitter effect, asynchronous animations)
  • Some basic artwork and examples with them included
  • Weight system for the layers (advanced mode)
  • Per-layer blend mode and interpolation toggles
  • Zooming support with toggles for sprite scaling along or not (advanced mode)
  • Much more!

How to use:

  1. Buy the asset
  2. In GM:S, go to the Marketplace Beta roll-down menu and select "My Library".
  3. Click the "Add to Project" button next to my asset and add at least the fonts, sprites 'DBobject' and the init room (which must be at the top of your room list!!!).
  4. Make sure that the DBobject's depth is in line with the depth of your own background setup if you have any.
  5. In the init room, specify global.roomborder (0 for no seamless wrapping).
  6. Just put the DBobject in the room and tweak it by copying its entire creation code and pasting it in the creation code of its instance in the room. Follow commented instructions in the creation code.


  • Video:
  • E-Mail me if you run into issues, I'll help!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.1

  • Fixed/Overhauled simple mode parallax effect and added invert toggle (so layers at the back move faster instead of slower).
  • Added a toggle to use the room's background color or the background color as specified in the config.
  • Fixed presets to accomodate for the changes.
  • Updated demo.
  • Included change logs and version relevant information with the "Additional Information.txt" file that comes along with this.

Please ensure that you copy over your presets to the new configuration files, I am looking into ways to make this more convenient but for now I haven't found a good way yet.

Version 1.1.1. Published March 26, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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Nathan B 23 January 2018

Can be confusing BUT support was great!

Ok so I bought this last night and couldn't get it to work correctly. I sent an email to the Developer and he responded quickly!

So if you just want to view the demo and different backgrounds, create a new project and then go to your library from the "Marketplace" tab. Import to project. Then move the "init" room to your resources "Rooms" tab, and move the new init room to the top of the list above the default room0.

Then move the DBObjects object to room0, then hit play. Now you are in example mode. To check out the examples, hit spacebar to cycle to the next one.

Once you are done and want to add this add-on to your existing project, follow below:

Open your existing project --> Click Marketplace at top / My Library --> Import Dynamic Backgrounds --> Move init room to you room list and place at the top of list --> Add DBObjects object to your room0 --> Run game

That should do it :)


Andreas M 28 December 2015


It's a little hard to config. You should change the script so all config stuff is in a separate code block and in scripts.
In the create event: Config code and then DontChange code.
Add a DynamicBG_LayerTweaking(layer,stuff)
DynamicBG_Set_Init_Values(advanced mode,interpolation)...
and other scripts to make the config more clean, right now it's to much code so you see stars :-)
Add a init_object with the global vars.
This asset could be very handy in many situations but it's to hard to change every time. You should add the demo values in a DynamicBG_Set_Template_StarField(star sprite 1, star sprite 2) ... DynamicBG_Set_Template_Nebula(nebula sprite 1...) This way it will be super easy to add simple stuff in any game.

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