With this script you'll be able to draw a Sprite along a Path with


  1. Create a new Path (with smoothing enabled)
  2. Create a new Sprite you want to draw along the path.
  3. Call the script with your desired arguments.

Script Arguments:

  • path = path index
  • x = offset x
  • y = offset y
  • width = thickness of the path
  • sprite = sprite to use
  • spriteIndex = image index of the given sprite
  • spriteScaleX = x scale for the sprite
  • spriteScaleY = y scale for the sprite
  • color = color of the sprite
  • alpha = alpha of the sprite
  • segments = amount of segments between two points on the path (more = smoother)
  • tiled = should the sprite be tiled over the path (0 = no tiling, 1 = tiling)

Script call:

draw_path_sprite(path, x, y, width, sprite, spriteIndex, spriteScaleX, spriteScaleY, color, alpha, segments);

Update 1.0.1:
- spriteRepeatX & spriteRepeatY are now a spriteScaleX & spriteScaleY

Update 1.0.2:
- now works correctly with non closed paths
- segments is now the smoothness between two points

Update 1.0.3:
- added tiled argument

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.3. Published April 1, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.355

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 17 June 2019


David A 05 June 2019


Anonymous 11 April 2019


Anonymous 29 December 2018


Victor L 18 December 2018


Anonymous 08 October 2018

NOT for GMS2 , but great anyway!

Nice effort. Learned something new for sure!


Maciej K 17 June 2018


Vladimir R 08 November 2017

Cool idea

It needs some changes for using in GMS2 (it has difference in work with textures). But when you understand code it's easy to do.


Rob Q 01 September 2017


Anonymous 04 September 2017

useful and simple to use

Great script. the only thing that i had problem with was the "tiled" option but as "Stijn D" said if you mark the sprite to use in 3d it will perfectly work.


omid g 13 March 2017


very useful and also simple to use script.


Anonymous 06 March 2017

Efficiënt and usefull script

Only one script which works fine for standard users. Easy to use and saves loads of time setting out your levels. Also allowed me to make a custom level editor...
I however would like the gamemaker file for the example, cloud it be uploaded?

Thanks for sharing this script!


tales d 01 September 2016

a bug on studio 1.4.1567?

it seens to be picking another crazy textures from my game when i choose tiled .
i think this is way too complicated to me to fix, but thank you anyways , it's a very interesting code


Pawel T 16 October 2015

I prepared tiles for roads before, but.. who care!

This is one of must have assets imo and it's free!
AS @Stijn D wrote, sprite should be for 3d and color in script settings just white, it can save some of you time.
Thank's for this script!


Stijn D 02 November 2016

Only one complain

This works perfect for me, but some people might not know (like me at first) that you had to mark the sprite to use for 3d (how? open your sprite and click 'used for 3d'). If you dont do this and use tiled sprites it will be all messed up. It's an easy fix but I only figured it out after about 2 months.

I have no further complain because it works perfect and I am very thankfull you made this asset free!! :)


Zack B 28 June 2015


Easy to implement and works exactly as expected. Great asset!


Dan F 31 March 2015


Easy to use :-)

Tips: you should include an option to remove the closed path, eg. by not drawing the last two points.
For those who are looing for a quick fix:

if (i < segments-1) {
draw_vertex_texture_colour(x1, y1, step * spw * repeatX, 0, color, alpha);
draw_vertex_texture_colour(x2, y2, step * spw * repeatX, repeatY, color, alpha);

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Muhammad R 15 March 2015

Easy and Awesome!

This is simple, and powerful. The only minus thing is this script only works for closed path. Please, update this script, make it work on not closed path. :)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


ticedev (Publisher) 01 April 2015

Thanks, added your request in 1.0.2!


Jamie F 13 March 2015

Great code

Simple and easy to use, i would love to see an option to make it draw the path open ended, so it did not need to be a loop. 5 stars if you add that ability.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


ticedev (Publisher) 01 April 2015

Thanks, added your request in 1.0.2!

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