I created my first game of solitaire here. Let me know what you think.

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Changes in 1.0.2

Published version

when you press space bar only 3 cards from the deck are dealt instead of the usual 3 cards

Version 1.0.2. Published March 3, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1514

Age Rating: 4+

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Alex M 19 June 2018

Currently has a bug

It has to do with dragging a card from the ace pile back to the play area.


Joaquim I 21 September 2017

Not html5 support

Good engine but in html export i have bug for to put the ace in pile.
Any solution ?


Christopher G 08 March 2015

You can't win at this game!

This solitaire engine is really smooth in usability, BUT you actually can't win the game.
Your Solitaire engine contains only 36 cards, but Solitaire needs 52 cards to finish the game.
Is it possible that you fix this problem?

You should show 3 cards, if the user are actually draw 3 cards at the same time (as the Solitaire by Microsoft).
Its confusing right now, but thanks for your update with drawing only 1 card.


wamballa (Publisher) 03 March 2015

Thanks for getting the game.
There are 52 cards in this game. At start 24 are dealt into the deck and 28 are dealt into the stacks.
In this version whenever you click on the deck it deals 3 cards at a time. This is normally how I've played the game. Dealing one at a time makes it too easy. Anyway in the latest version, when you hit the space bar it will deal only one card at a time, not 3, and so make the game easier to win.
Check the screenshot to see how I got along.

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