Lightui is a simple GUI system that makes it easy to add great looking menus and controls to your games.

Lightui Features

  • Menus with captions
  • Scrolling menus
  • Panel menus
  • Buttons with custom text
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Toggle buttons
  • Value sliders of any width
  • Label text
  • Icon buttons with 25+ icons included
  • HTML5 compatible
  • More features are planned for future updates!

HTML5 Demo


Simple Menu Example

// Create the menu window container
with(lightui_create_window(noone, 250, 400, 320, 'MENU'))
    // Create the play button
    lightui_create_menu_button(noone, 50, 300, 'Play', 'test_play', menu_button_callback);

    // Create the settings button
    lightui_create_menu_button(noone, 130, 300, 'Settings', 'test_settings', menu_button_callback);

    // Create the store button
    lightui_create_menu_button(noone, 210, 300, 'Store', 'test_store', menu_button_callback);

Simple Settings Panel Example

// Create the lightui window
with(lightui_create_window(noone, 60, 500, 630, 'SETTINGS'))
    // Create a toggle
    lightui_create_toggle(60, 82, 1, 'test_toggle_1', settings_toggle_callback);

    // Create a checkbox
    lightui_create_checkbox(60, 250, 1, 'Item \#1', 'test_checkbox_1', settings_checkbox_callback);

    // Create a slider
    lightui_create_slider(60, 370, 160, 50, 'test_slider_1', settings_slider_callback);

    // Create a radio button group
    lightui_create_radio(60, 490, 0, 'Low', 'value_low', 'test_radio_1', settings_radio_callback);
    lightui_create_radio(190, 490, 1, 'High', 'value_high', 'test_radio_1', settings_radio_callback);

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.5.0

The 1.5.0 release contains minor updates based on feedback from users.

  • Update - Elements that draw text now reset the alignment to left before drawing.
  • Update - Font rendering is corrected for some center aligned elements.

If you encounter any issues please report them:

Version 1.5.0. Published March 26, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 4+

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nail h 31 October 2018

nice gui

Very nice GUI library. But can't be used in GMS2, can the author update?


Martina H 09 March 2018


Nermin B 16 March 2016

Doesnt work on mobile.

I tested it on Android and it doesnt work as good as on windows


Tito A 10 March 2016

Need more install details

A beautiful menu system, but need more detailed information on how to customize it. Newcomers like me will easily get lost. It's just too hard to edit. Please, make youtube videos. You have an excellent product here, but it lacks explanation data for newbies.


Bill D 02 March 2016

Lean Mean Menu Machine

Very well done! Easy to learn and use.


Anonymous 20 March 2015

definitely buy

This is one of the best gui assets one the marketplace

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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