BeTween is a simple to use engine that allows you to easily add tween animations.


  • Easy to use, just one function to add a tween.
  • Extendable, you can easily tween your own variables.
  • Easing functions that work with every single tween type. (with 32 easing functions included!)


  • It's pure GML and will work across all systems (Tested Windows, HTML and Android)

Example tween:

tween_create( id, tweenType._scale, 1, 4, 1000, EaseElasticOut) This will scale the object to 4 times it's size in one second, making it elastic 'snap' back into the right size

A list of the functions are also available here

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published February 11, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 4+

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Feng P 17 October 2017


Anonymous 21 July 2017


Dean B 29 October 2016

Nice and simple, does just what you expect it to

It's a shame there isn't a little more documentation, especially regarding the custom types but all in all works very well.


Bradley C 04 May 2016

Very Nice!

Currently it is a bit buggy with HTML5 but I have a feeling that is more to do with GameMaker rather than any fault of the scripts. Other than that it seems extremely easy to use and implement and I am very happy with the results I have so far!

I will definitely up this rating to a full 5/5 if I find that my HTML5 woes are all my fault. At the moment though, even compiling the examples that come with this asset in to HTML5 has undesirable results.


Arjo N 23 April 2016

Works like a charm!

Awesome must-have for any game developer!
It makes everything so much smoother and nicer to look at.
The best part is that it's cheap and easy to use. Otherwise I'd have to create everything myself and it would probably fail. :)

I'm currently mostly using it for menu's and popup screens.


Jonathan M 08 July 2015


This asset takes your works one step closer to AAA.


Ryan L 30 April 2015

Easy and Great Depth

Amazingly easy to use in a game and it looks really nice. The amount of choice in the tween behaviour is nothing short of amazing.

Can't recommend enough.


chris z 26 May 2015

So easy, so useful, Except HTML5

Tweening animations are what separate your game from that amateur junk you see at the bottom of game stores. You MUST get this asset. This dev should be charging more for it.

It is really easy to implement and had no problems getting it running in my game.

*UPDATE: I knocked one star off because this module does not work for HTML5. If you try to build it for HTML5 all your tweens repeat endlessly and do some pretty crazy stuff. It seems only to occur on HTML5 builds though.


BlackOpz F 16 March 2015

Tween Tastic!!

This is prob the easiest way to create professional tweens. This module hides the dirty work and lets you get back to other tasks quickly. The tweens can be applied to a variety of useful parameters. VERY Nice tool.


Morten S 11 February 2015

Works perfectly

Thanks for making this asset available!


Edrem (Publisher) 11 February 2015

Sorry about that, didn't realise GM wouldn't export Macros/Constants, I've uploaded a new version (1.0.1) that switches over to enums, code is still pretty simple and now everything should work perfectly out of the box.

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