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a third person camera capable of being set up with two lines of code, not including any in the focus object. its oriented with the Z direction up. it's designed to follow the focus object and pan around it. It is programed to completely set up 3D all on its own, all you have to do is put this code


into the create event. note: if you are using this with other objects in the room, this object must be made last (or put in the room last) or none of the objects will move relative to the camera (a.k.a. it will not move but everything created before camera this object will). another item of note is that due to the orientation of the camera it is still possible to use the drag and drop function. to this effect in order to do effective testing, I have included a test object that will make sure to make checking for bugs more effective. the code to actually run the camera is listed below and must be placed in the draw event in addition to the code above being place in the create event

SpaceyTPV(-object to be followed-,-distance for the object to be followed at- ,-z axis position of the camera- ,-to pan around ccw is positive- ,-pan up and down ccw is positive-)

an example of what might be filled in the blanks can be seen below it links movement to the arrow keys. It links "looking around" to the a,s,d, and w keys. it follows an object "Focus" at the distance 40 and sets the depth equal to the global var d.


I hope this code gets you the effects you want, remember this object must be created last in the room in order to work properly and you can't just link the camera to the depth of the object due to the nature of 3d depth for the object must be set with "d3d_set_depth(value)" if not the object will disappear. hope this works exactly in the way you need. thank you please rate and download.

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GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published February 10, 2015

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