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Bullet Hell Pattern Generator consists of three easy to implement scripts to generate the fabulous bullet patterns for your bullet hell games.

Updated video showing new pattern options - http://youtu.be/GDs3QEbV_l0

There are also two test object included to allow you to see how the scripts are implemented. The first object is a test bullet that has holds the necessary actions and variables called by the pattern script. The second is the pattern generator. It calls the scripts to create and run the patterns. It also has a GUI so you can edit pattern values in-game to see the effect the changes will have in real-time.

Once the scripts are imported, customization of quick, easy, and straightforward. All of the code is commented and explained. I will also be available to personally assist anyone who has trouble with the script.

Customization Options include:

  • Number of bullets per pattern
  • Angle of bullets in the pattern
  • Speed of Bullets
  • Objects to use as Bullets
  • Bullet Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Bullet Curving
  • Spin speed of the pattern
  • Accelerating/Decelerating Spins
  • Pattern Fire Rate
  • Off-center Firing

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.3. Published February 19, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.353

Age Rating: 4+

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jaden k 30 April 2019


Anonymous 09 November 2018


Anonymous 09 November 2018

Good, but no introduction on how to use it


Anonymous 02 November 2018


CHAN C 08 May 2018


Jonathan V 23 March 2018


Robert F 09 February 2018


loic c 09 September 2017


Anonymous 27 July 2017

Problem with physic

I use physics in my game, and the script don't work with. Somebody can help me?


Andy L 03 December 2018

Helpful tips to getting this to work

In order to get this working do this.

1) Create a room
2) Create a new enemy object and a new bullet object
3) Add a create event to the enemy object you just created
4) In the create event, call bhpg_bullet_init and then bhpg_pattern_init scripts
(You will need to play around with the parameters a bit)
5) Create a step event
6) Inside the step event call bhpg_pattern_step script
7) Add the enemy to the room

It was a little tough to figure out how to get it working, however the developer was quick to reply. My suggestion is to update this asset to include a room, a bullet, and an enemy object, along with having the parameters filled in to match the demo video. It would make it so much easier to figure out. The other option would be to include a PDF or text file with instructions. If this were done, I would give rate this five stars.

Also it would be nice to have some examples of the parameters for the pattern script.


Aeron D 26 June 2017


Darin V 12 April 2017


Martin H 08 September 2016


This is some brilliant scripts, that are easy to figure out, implement and it looks and works wonderful. Thumbs up!
More than worth the price.


James B 14 August 2016


Really pleased with it. Thanks!


Bálint C 26 April 2016

Worth the price

You have to assign a sprite to test_bullet object, and put test_pattern object in a room to test it. In the room you can try different combinations in real time using the arrow keys. After 10 minutes you can create awesome bullet waves and stuff with this. Worth the price.


Lord D 03 April 2016

Wonderful in every way

The scripts are very clear, which made it possible to easily modify pretty much anything. The variety of patterns one can create with these scripts is much wider than I expected. And what can't be achieved with one pattern can be achieved by having multiple objects at the same coordinate, running multiple patterns. Overall, awesome.


Diana J 11 October 2015

Overall great, but needed a couple of things

Not sure if it was just my version of GM:S, but in order to get it to run you'll have to define the accel variable in the create part of the "test bullet" object. You'll also have to make and assign a sprite to the "test bullet" object to see the patterns made via the menu. Other than that, it does its job well. Everything is well explained and easy to understand.


BlackOpz F 05 September 2015

VERY Nice but could use a DRAW Call

To test it. Add a object to the test bullet. ADD A DRAW SELF TO THE BULLET (Why Not There!?) then drop the test pattern into a room. Thats it.


Michael C 18 February 2015

Cool but incomplete...

In other assets I've bought on the marketplace, they come with a room to demonstrate the abilities of what you've just purchased: an example project. Here, there are only scripts. No sprites, no room, no example to follow...and it's up to me to make the sprites/room/etc and see how the scripts work to get the result that he was demonstrating in the video. I hope I can get everything to work - and the effects look really cool in the video - it's just a shame that that coolness cannot be experienced 'out of the box'. Perhaps consider updating the asset so it comes with an example room. Thanks! :)

EDIT: Got the script working and the effects look awesome! Looking forward to seeing how I can incorporate it into what I'm working on. Cheers! :)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Joshua L 13 February 2015

Broken code dude...

Okay, this code is amazing, but there are so many errors in it. Please make sure to check which version you have up, because the code is broken and can't run out of the box without making some fixes. Your argument calls are off.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Renaud M 09 February 2015

Excellent scripts full of flexibility

Version 1.0.0 -
First and foremost, your scripts are extremely well documented. That makes it easy to find any locations necessary to make adaptations to the script to fit my project. Your scripts use very clear variable names and are fairly clean and well organized. The use of so many arguments in a single script feels a little weird but there isn't really an easy way around it that I can see. Your script uses the built-in GameMaker: Studio variables which I try to avoid when I can; however like I said before, your scripts are well documented and easy to understand so I can modify the scripts to use my own variables and bullet initialization code for the same effects. Overall great work!
Limited to 1000 characters so the rest of the review was cut off.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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