JTech is back with a very new RPG engine for those whom want to create their very own action RPG! This engine includes JTech's Simple Random Weapons add-on for FREE!

[IMPORTANT UPDATE] The error about the spd variable has been located and fixed! If you cannot update the engine with the fixed version, simply move the line of code in the objPlayer>Step Event that states "var spd = 1;" to line one! It is as easy as that! [UPDATE DONE]

To get you started in the right direction and save you hours and hours of coding, JTech has provided easy to use GML code that is highly commented with great examples on how everything works!

This engine includes:

*A simple leveling system with stat progression

*A text bubble system that is as easy as copying an object, then changing the text

*Base Enemy AI with a field of view which will chase and attack if you are too close

*Fully animated sprites

*Basic wondering AI (Fish is the example used, watch them swim!)

*All AI can collide with solids

*Your own house to enter and exit

*Basic text based HUD

*Free tiles to use as you wish

*The amazing random weapon generator that uses the player's level to determine the weapons stats!(Also sold separately for $4.99)

Enjoy creating your new world! (Updates to come) ~coming soon~

*Weather system with realtime world changes (ie: Snow fills the grass)

*Time of Day system

*More NPCs to interact with

*More rooms and items to explore

Warmest Regards, JTech

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.0

Fixed issue with .spd variable crashing.

Version 1.0.0. Published December 29, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.314

Age Rating: 4+

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JTech 3.99 KB JTech RPG
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sprEnemyAttackBox01_0.png 294 Bytes sprEnemySpider_0.png 624 Bytes sprEnemySpider_1.png 663 Bytes sprEnemySpider_10.png 558 Bytes sprEnemySpider_11.png 613 Bytes sprEnemySpider_12.png 581 Bytes sprEnemySpider_13.png 577 Bytes sprEnemySpider_14.png 554 Bytes sprEnemySpider_15.png 566 Bytes sprEnemySpider_16.png 551 Bytes sprEnemySpider_17.png 545 Bytes sprEnemySpider_18.png 550 Bytes sprEnemySpider_19.png 547 Bytes sprEnemySpider_2.png 600 Bytes sprEnemySpider_20.png 645 Bytes sprEnemySpider_21.png 674 Bytes sprEnemySpider_22.png 697 Bytes sprEnemySpider_23.png 649 Bytes sprEnemySpider_24.png 663 Bytes sprEnemySpider_25.png 675 Bytes sprEnemySpider_26.png 663 Bytes sprEnemySpider_27.png 669 Bytes sprEnemySpider_28.png 682 Bytes sprEnemySpider_29.png 669 Bytes sprEnemySpider_3.png 590 Bytes sprEnemySpider_30.png 550 Bytes sprEnemySpider_31.png 592 Bytes sprEnemySpider_32.png 588 Bytes sprEnemySpider_33.png 563 Bytes sprEnemySpider_34.png 545 Bytes sprEnemySpider_35.png 537 Bytes sprEnemySpider_36.png 543 Bytes sprEnemySpider_37.png 560 Bytes sprEnemySpider_38.png 554 Bytes sprEnemySpider_39.png 566 Bytes sprEnemySpider_4.png 621 Bytes sprEnemySpider_40.png 645 Bytes sprEnemySpider_41.png 527 Bytes sprEnemySpider_42.png 423 Bytes sprEnemySpider_43.png 412 Bytes sprEnemySpider_5.png 643 Bytes sprEnemySpider_6.png 621 Bytes sprEnemySpider_7.png 623 Bytes sprEnemySpider_8.png 654 Bytes sprEnemySpider_9.png 623 Bytes sprFish01_0.png 949 Bytes sprFish01_1.png 951 Bytes sprFish01_2.png 978 Bytes sprFish01_3.png 951 Bytes sprite3_0.png 239 Bytes sprPlayer_0.png 670 Bytes sprPlayer_1.png 697 Bytes sprPlayer_10.png 562 Bytes sprPlayer_11.png 544 Bytes sprPlayer_2.png 661 Bytes sprPlayer_3.png 594 Bytes sprPlayer_4.png 594 Bytes sprPlayer_5.png 616 Bytes sprPlayer_6.png 572 Bytes sprPlayer_7.png 581 Bytes sprPlayer_8.png 603 Bytes sprPlayer_9.png 541 Bytes sprSign_0.png 1.1 KB sprSlash01_0.png 4.21 KB sprSlash01_1.png 4.02 KB sprSlash01_10.png 3.5 KB sprSlash01_11.png 3.36 KB sprSlash01_12.png 3.11 KB sprSlash01_13.png 2.84 KB sprSlash01_14.png 2.33 KB sprSlash01_2.png 4 KB sprSlash01_3.png 3.96 KB sprSlash01_4.png 3.92 KB sprSlash01_5.png 3.89 KB sprSlash01_6.png 3.85 KB sprSlash01_7.png 3.79 KB sprSlash01_8.png 3.66 KB sprSlash01_9.png 3.59 KB sprSpeechBubble_0.png 585 Bytes sprSwords_0.png 809 Bytes sprSwords_1.png 757 Bytes sprSwords_2.png 592 Bytes sprSwords_3.png 588 Bytes sprSwords_4.png 411 Bytes sprSwords_5.png 562 Bytes sprWaterTile01_0.png 65.4 KB sprWaterTile02_0.png 147 KB

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