17 Grey Brick (32x32) Blocks to use when building your next platformer. Feel free to use these however you want.

Includes: Regular Bricks, Damaged Bricks, Bloodied Bricks, and Overgrown Vines on Bricks.

Also, I'd love some reviews to hear what your thoughts are. Thanks.

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Version 1.0.0. Published December 5, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 9+

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James G 26 March 2015

a nice first step but....

I like the art style, but it does feel a little lacking in the visual variety. keep your target in mind, if they are coming to you for sprites odds are they either can't draw anything, or a looking for a style they just can't replicate, so they come to you till fill that need. to that effect your kit comes off as little incomplete, the blocks are a perfect replicator of the 8 bit dungeon game wall, and a nice variety of pieces to that effect, but walls alone do not make a house. Try adding things you would find in an 8 bit style dungeon, or what ever look you are going for, (like paintings, bookcases, chandlers, chains, doors, suits of armor, etc.) to make for a complete set. if your lost look at a picture of your latest room and look at a snap shot of several 8 bit dungeons and ask yourself "what am I missing?" or "what could make either of these look even better?", and update your item pick to reflect the new content when you upload and consider a rename to "8 bit dungeon".


O_n_e (Publisher) 27 March 2015

Thanks for the review, I truly appreciate that you took the time and left some great feedback. This pack was really a form of practice/warm-up, and therefore I offered it for free. I will definitely consider what you have said on my other projects. Thank you so much.

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