This Project is a Startup for Delta Time programming so your game run as efficiently as possible with little to no lag.

GMS:2 Compatible


  1. Scripts to mirror GM:Studio motion and speed system
  2. Sample Objects that move at speed, with friction, with gravity or both
  3. Sample space ship and bullets that use Delta_t motion
  4. Frame Skipper/Drawing management to bypass GM Studio's room_speed system

40000+ instances under Windows YYC, no lag. 13000+ instance under Normal Windows Output. 25-30 fps

I have chosen to record the non YYC output in order to demonstrate the delta_t system which is a motion based on elapsed time since the last frame.

The system takes over the room_speed and disables the drawing up to until the point where a frame needs rendering.

You will note the room_speed is set to 9999 so pay attention to the fps real and the number of instances.

The system can maintain a high frame rate and a very high step rate which is essentially now disassociated from the draw cycle which means that under normal circumstances your instances are moving by very small distance but at a very high step rate situation. Up to the point where the draw rate starts to lag at which point the delta_t motion system starts to shine through.

You can have a smooth running game down to about 30 fps though the video here I brought the system down to 20 fps which was impossible to do under YYC.

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Changes in 1.5.1

GMS:2 compatibility

Version 1.5.1. Published February 14, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Thiago D 09 August 2017


- Easy to use and to implement in an existent project.
- Stable, I didn't noticed any anomaly, even at 250 FPS.
- No Timescale variable, only a pause. Even tho it's very easy to implement one, it would be nice to have it built-in.


davide m 05 May 2015

Pure dynamite!!!

It will take me a while to learn exactly how this asset works (my GML knowledge is pretty limited), but it's already blowing my mind: i'm discovering a new world and i'm having huge improvements with the game i'm making. Genius!

EDIT: With the help of the publisher (he's a GM-GML wizard, believe me) i managed to implement both Delta Time and SGS (another asset from TMC) in my game, and now it runs like silk. Gigantic kudos!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Alexander W 02 December 2014

This is NUTS!!111

Take a bow Icurrd, you just changed how GM games are done!
This is what you call a paradigm shift. This requires a new and different approach to GML coding, but the results are staggering. You can pretty much forget the GM room_speed/step mentality and embrace a much finer time slicing. Performance is just part of the benfits…

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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