This Action-Platformer Engine #1 is everything that you need in order to start creating a fast and fun, 2D side-scrolling game that features a complex player that handles multiple object states (idle, run, jump, roll, wall jump, attack, dash attack). An example of dynamic and interactive terrain is also included (skew, sway, and cut through grass). This demo includes a fully functional player object, with a focus on "game feel". The input/physics were coded in a particular way in order to mimic fast-paced popular, platformers like Super Meat Boy and Dustforce.


  • Player object
  • Idle, Run, Jump, Wall Jump, Dodge roll
  • Attack and dash attack (post-dodge roll)
  • Gamepad support
  • Jump-thru platforms
  • Pixel-Perfect Collision
  • Slope Functionality
  • Easily editable code for quick changes in "game feel"/pacing
  • Sprite skewing (grass)
  • Cut through grass
  • Parallax background example
  • Fully animated player sprites
  • Two tilesets

CONTROLS: Arrow keys / Left joystick -> move left/right Z / A -> jump X / X -> attack B / C -> block L / A -> roll left R / D -> roll right

R -> room restart +/- on numpad -> move from room to room (only one room in demo) ESC -> close app

Email me with suggestions and/or issues! Thanks!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.1

Fixed multi-touch controls :)

Version 1.1.1. Published November 26, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 9+

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Anonymous 22 November 2017


Mihajlo C 09 November 2017


Lord W 09 November 2017


Drake D 03 November 2017


Spencer Y 21 October 2017


Anonymous 20 October 2017


Anonymous 09 October 2017


Anonymous 07 October 2017


Anonymous 01 October 2017


I'm Having Trouble Downloading The Platformer Engine.


Anonymous 29 September 2017


Ross M 21 September 2017


Rosto D 17 September 2017


like it


Anonymous 12 September 2017


William C 11 September 2017


Anonymous 27 August 2017


Michael K 18 August 2017


nelphy v 11 August 2017


help full


J.P. R 01 August 2017


Brandon C 03 September 2017


Anonymous 27 June 2017


Anonymous 12 June 2017


Yiping Z 03 June 2017


Peter K 24 May 2017


Joshua H 26 April 2017


Brent E 25 April 2017


Damir S 22 April 2017


Pat B 19 April 2017


Robert R 24 March 2017


Anonymous 02 March 2017


Chris D 24 January 2017


Jordan D 21 January 2017


Helder d 18 January 2017



Mikhail K 12 January 2017

Good job!


Anonymous 22 December 2016

Nice one


Anonymous 18 December 2016

Awesome! A bit complex for me, but still!


ShroomDoom S 17 December 2016

It's great!

You have a really cool programming style (it's very succinct). I learned a lot.


Devon H 23 November 2016


Mischa v 17 September 2016

Great starting point for devs, but has limitations

Don't like the way friction is coded. It's supposed to be analogous but acts binary.


Alexander B 13 September 2016


Zachary L 13 September 2016

Great way to figure out how things work!

I downloaded this (along with some others) to see how people structure things in GameMaker and I have to say this is one of the more clean engines I have seen.

The grass effects are very nice and can certainly give some character to a game.

The only thing I ran into with this engine is that when you are falling through a platform (holding down and pressing jump), you can hang halfway off and pass through solid blocks. A simple fix for this is to find the fall thru platform comment in the player step and change the collision to this:

if (place_meeting(x-*insert player width*, y + 1, oParJumpThru)&& place_meeting(x+*nsert player width*, y + 1, oParJumpThru))

All in all, great job ZBG!


David R 25 September 2017

Good engine but complicated code

The sprites are very small so working with the graphics is just plain awfull for tests. The code, well written and clear is hard to follow even for an experienced programmer like me because it's the authors logic and not mine. I was looking to get a code for slopes but this did not help me out at all.

For those searching for a start in the platform gaming style and do not know where to start, it's a good solid start but very hard to manipulate and integrate in a game besides building on top of this same project.

So Heads up for the working engine and smooth game play but 2 stars out for the complexity of the code and ease of use.


Anonymous 09 August 2016

Very Nice

Kudos to ZBG, very nice work! In all honesty, I'm not going to be using this engine as anything more than reference material. The code is commented pretty well.

If you're familiar with programming, you can see most of what's going on behind the scenes. Initially, I was having trouble finding where the variable vy was originally initialized, but Game Maker has a built-in search function that found it easily.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to see a basic platformer engine at work, very educational.


Connor M 19 January 2017

Impossible to implement

For a novice it makes absolutely zero sense and it is way too complicated to implement it into anything. Changing the view size messes up the character sprite as well, giving it a white outline.


Devin K 02 November 2016

Very nice

Hard to understand the nitty gritty of the code for me because i'm a novice, but this can surely be used to make amazing games without the full knowledge of everything that's going on. fantastic.


David V 03 April 2016

Great demo for learning!

I ran out of tutorials videos to watch but still wanted to learn more... and then I found this little gem!


Daniel M 22 March 2016

Great, except one little niggle.

Firstly, I'm unsure why sWaterMask exists in the assets, when I dont see a known reference to said sprite. It would be very useful if the Rope tutorial you had which included water that I havent seen in any other asset in this (it's quite a pain to try and isolate all the water code from your rope asset, and including it in this would be nice)

That's all I have to say, it's just the amount of proper 2D water assets that exist that are really good is very, very little and I'd like to see your platformer assets include them by default.

Edit: Also, lacks a lot of documentation.


Jon O 08 April 2015

Perfect crutch for people starting out

I hit a roadblock in my platformer game when I wanted to change the basic movement code learned from tutorials, into something more professional that behaves like super meat boy. After that I spent days on message boards and tinkering with the gml to get things just right. This put me in a spot where I couldn't see progress for my game as frequently and motivation died down a bit.

This engine does everything I wanted to do, and I am able to learn from it. After purchasing this engine my obsession with creating a game reinvigorated. If you have ever found yourself frustrated with similar issues, don't feel bad for purchasing this engine.

As a bonus, Zack the creator is a stellar dude who is quick to answer questions with proper explanations.


David G 09 December 2014

Lovely working demo, lacking documentation

3 Stars from a Beginner, add 1 or 2 more if you are an advanced / expert user.
Ill email the author for instructions / explanations on certain parts, but as the whole engine is being sold,
this should be part of comments in code or in a separate readme.
(PD: Lovely artdesign!)


Adam T 03 December 2014


What would be awesome is if you combined your rope 'n water and intermediate platformer engines to this!


Glint G 21 November 2014

The Ultimate Platformer Engine

Runs like Super Meat Boy with added grass cutting physics. Awesome Platformer Engine!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Gokhan S 19 November 2014

Nice job, well done

This is a very nicely coded project but somehow on html5 version its not acting like the way you are showing on your video, either there is something wrong or something missing

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


ZBG (Publisher) 19 November 2014

Oops, I should mention that in the description. The sprite skewing (for the gas) uses primitives which aren't compatible with html5.

Package contents

Total size 38.1 KB

Action-Platformer Engine 5.85 KB Action-Platformer Engine 1
Backgrounds Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 676 Bytes 676 Bytes 676 Bytes 780 Bytes 672 Bytes 672 Bytes 780 Bytes 675 Bytes 672 Bytes 674 Bytes 822 Bytes 894 Bytes 677 Bytes 671 Bytes 672 Bytes 672 Bytes 777 Bytes 672 Bytes 672 Bytes 677 Bytes 676 Bytes 676 Bytes 678 Bytes 678 Bytes 846 Bytes 870 Bytes 734 Bytes 682 Bytes 688 Bytes 682 Bytes 688 Bytes 682 Bytes 688 Bytes 677 Bytes 682 Bytes 1011 Bytes 686 Bytes 842 Bytes 866 Bytes 683 Bytes 689 Bytes 676 Bytes 677 Bytes 675 Bytes 675 Bytes 675 Bytes 675 Bytes 673 Bytes 674 Bytes 676 Bytes images
s1Mover4x1_0.png 280 Bytes s2Mover4x1_0.png 200 Bytes sAtkButton_0.png 381 Bytes sBgGrass1B_0.png 88 Bytes sBgGrass1C_0.png 87 Bytes sBgGrass1_0.png 92 Bytes sBgGrass1_1.png 94 Bytes sBgGrass1_2.png 98 Bytes sBgGrass2B_0.png 92 Bytes sBgGrass2C_0.png 83 Bytes sBgGrass2_0.png 96 Bytes sBgGrass2_1.png 106 Bytes sBgGrass2_2.png 98 Bytes sBlock16_0.png 91 Bytes sCoin_0.png 250 Bytes sCoin_1.png 237 Bytes sCoin_2.png 198 Bytes sCoin_3.png 238 Bytes sCratePoof_0.png 158 Bytes sCratePoof_1.png 157 Bytes sCratePoof_2.png 159 Bytes sCratePoof_3.png 146 Bytes sCratePoof_4.png 121 Bytes sCrateSmall_0.png 141 Bytes sFgGrass1B_0.png 79 Bytes sFgGrass1C_0.png 74 Bytes sFgGrass1_0.png 86 Bytes sFgGrass2B_0.png 74 Bytes sFgGrass2C_0.png 71 Bytes sFgGrass2_0.png 80 Bytes sFgGrass2_1.png 83 Bytes sFgGrass2_2.png 81 Bytes sJumpButton_0.png 316 Bytes sJumpThru16_0.png 90 Bytes sLeftArrow_0.png 292 Bytes sParticleBgGrass_0.png 80 Bytes sParticleFgGrass_0.png 80 Bytes sPlayerIdleShield_0.png 291 Bytes sPlayerIdleShield_1.png 293 Bytes sPlayerIdleShield_2.png 294 Bytes sPlayerIdleShield_3.png 291 Bytes sPlayerIdle_0.png 242 Bytes sPlayerIdle_1.png 289 Bytes sPlayerIdle_2.png 298 Bytes sPlayerIdle_3.png 290 Bytes sPlayerJab_0.png 291 Bytes sPlayerJab_1.png 310 Bytes sPlayerJumpDShield_0.png 332 Bytes sPlayerJumpD_0.png 292 Bytes sPlayerJumpMShield_0.png 325 Bytes sPlayerJumpM_0.png 283 Bytes sPlayerJumpUShield_0.png 295 Bytes sPlayerJumpU_0.png 264 Bytes sPlayerMask_0.png 120 Bytes sPlayerParticle_0.png 81 Bytes sPlayerRollSlash_0.png 338 Bytes sPlayerRoll_0.png 271 Bytes sPlayerRoll_1.png 263 Bytes sPlayerRoll_2.png 278 Bytes sPlayerRoll_3.png 250 Bytes sPlayerRoll_4.png 271 Bytes sPlayerRoll_5.png 263 Bytes sPlayerRoll_6.png 278 Bytes sPlayerRunShield_0.png 328 Bytes sPlayerRunShield_1.png 332 Bytes sPlayerRunShield_2.png 345 Bytes sPlayerRunShield_3.png 328 Bytes sPlayerRun_0.png 311 Bytes sPlayerRun_1.png 301 Bytes sPlayerRun_2.png 315 Bytes sPlayerRun_3.png 304 Bytes sPlayerSlideShield_0.png 297 Bytes sPlayerSlide_0.png 268 Bytes sPushBlock_0.png 241 Bytes sRightArrow_0.png 285 Bytes sSlope1L_0.png 135 Bytes sSlope1R_0.png 137 Bytes sSlope2L_0.png 144 Bytes sSlope2R_0.png 146 Bytes sSpike_0.png 110 Bytes sStopper_0.png 83 Bytes sWaterMask_0.png 82 Bytes

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