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The best way to add juice to your GameMaker game. Post-Processing FX is a project that aims to make your game look beautiful, with 36 ready-made customizable effects.

With as little friction or setup as possible. It's modular, user friendly, and very easy to extend and build upon.

This is the most complete and efficient post-processing solution available. With the various features, it is possible to make your game incredibly presentable.

For GameMaker 2022+


Currently, there are 36 high quality effects, which are:

  • Bloom;
  • The Bloom effect creates fringes of light extending from the borders of bright areas in an image. This creates the illusion of extremely bright light overwhelming the screen. The Bloom effect also has a Lens Dirt feature.
  • Motion Blur;
  • Simulates the blur that occurs in an image when a real-world camera films objects moving faster than the camera’s exposure time.
  • Glitch; Image and colors distortion/interference to imitate a problem with the video signal; Useful for horror games!
  • Shake;
  • Screen shake simulation; Useful for explosions and strong ground collisions.
  • Speed Lines;
  • Manga/Anime speed lines, useful for visual novel and racing games;
  • LUT Cube;
  • Day & Night Cycle example included!
  • Palette Swap;
  • Useful for retro/arcade games. Change the color of all pixels using a palette, based on luminosity;
  • Chromatic Aberration;
  • It mimics the color distortion that a real-world camera produces when its lens fails to join all colors to the same point;
  • Displacement Maps; Used for water, underwater, rain, drips and shockwave effects;
  • Vignette;
  • Vignetting is the term for the darkening and/or desaturating towards the edges of an image compared to the center. You can use vignetting to draw focus to the center of an image;
  • Blur Radial;
  • Scanlines;
  • Draw horizontal lines over the screen;
  • ACES Tone Mapping;
  • Tonemapping is the process of remapping the HDR values of an image to a new range of values.
  • Texture Overlay;
  • Useful for blood on screen, VHS effect and others;
  • Border;
  • Hide the outside of UVs with a smooth black border, useful for using along with VHS and Lens Distortion effects.
  • Dithering;
  • Removes color banding artifacts in gradients.
  • Exposure;
  • Adjusts the overall exposure of the screen.
  • Brightness;
  • Contrast;
  • Saturation;
  • Hue Shift;
  • Color Blindness correction;
  • Protanopia, Deutanopia and Tritanopia;
  • Colorize;
  • Invert Colors;
  • Channels;
  • Lens Distortion;
  • Useful for simulating CRT TV tube distortion or speed;
  • Sine Wave;
  • Noise Grain;
  • Simulates the random optical texture of photographic film, usually caused by small particles being present on the physical film;
  • Posterization;
  • Pixelize;
  • Fade;
  • NES Fade (Famicom 8-bit, 1983);
  • Rotation;
  • Zoom;
  • Lift, Gamma and Gain;
  • This effect allows you to perform three-way color grading.
  • Shadows, Midtones and Highlight;
  • This effect separately controls the shadows, midtones, and highlights of the render.

Please see the page on for full info!


  • A collection of preset effects;
  • Change the mood of your game globally in real time! Useful for games where there are several different environments/rooms;
  • Create and load as many as you like;

Post-Processing FX can also be applied to the GUI

  • There is an example showing this;


  • The PPFX system creates IDs, that is, you can use the same shader in several places at the same time (making it possible to apply it to full screen and the game's logo in the menu, for example).
  • All effects can work together or individually!
  • Can be applied to surfaces (like app surf) or sprites (RGBA);
  • Single-pass shader!;
  • Apply the effects in your game in less than 2 minutes! (for real);


  • Works on all platforms, except HTML5 (WebGL incompatible, sorry);
  • Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, OperaGX, UWP, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.
  • Works on: x64 and x86 runner. With YYC and VM.
  • Uses GLSL ES 2.0;
  • Works on 2D and 3D games;


  • Includes 11 examples;
  • Includes a camera object; >> Target object; >> Horizontal and vertical margin to start moving; >> Smooth movements;
  • All example codes are commented to understand how each part works. All the code is super organized and well written;
  • Source project ready-to-use.
  • Free updates forever!

Technical support available.

ROADMAP, DEVLOG and others: PPFX Thread

For a complete list of features, see:

Post-Processing FX on

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.2.0. Published June 20, 2022

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