A user definable, multi-colour, multi-layer (5 Generated Background Based), Realtime manipulated 360 degree directional scrolling starfield.

Easily set the number of colours, the direction of movement, and speed of the starfield. Fully commented source and ultra flexible retro starfield

-The starfield Generated on the room start so no need more performance, Tested on Android/Browsers/WindowsPC

-The User Can set the Used Textures (more snow/ more performance) but is only influence the roomstart "load" time.

-Realtime speed & direction manipulating


By purchasing this pack, you may use it freely for all non-commercial and commercial use in your personal projects. If this asset is required in a project that is not rightfully owned by you, this asset must be purchased by the rightful owner of the project.

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.4

YYC complier have a bug.. If you Use choose(draw_sprite_ext(),draw_sprite_ext(),draw_sprite_ext()) the complier run to error. after C++ call the choose is sets the args Variables what type is YYRValue . The problem the draw_sprite_ext() menthod back parameter type is void! so is not can make YYRValue from void. so I totally rewrite the choose() to random +switch method.

Version 1.0.4. Published February 4, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1522

Age Rating: 4+

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Nathan B 22 January 2018

How to install GMS 2.0?

I bought, imported into my project. Now I have everything in my Resources tab but have no clue to install it into my project. A simple step by step would be greatly appreciated. i.e.:

1. Download and import
2. Go here do this.
3. Go here do that.
4. Run game

etc. etc... Thanks in advance!


Daniel N 01 September 2017

Just purchased for GM2

Works great!


Steven B 08 May 2017

Not working in GMS2

Doesn't appear to work in Game Maker Studio 2.


James R 30 August 2016

Nice work

I like this star field effect. It works well in my game. I ran into an issue when using the Windows YYC. I had to change the final parameter to the draw_rectangle calls from -1 to false so that it would draw solid squares rather than outlines. It worked fine for the GM Player but not the YYC. Other than that, it has been working very well for me.


Daniel D 25 April 2015

depends on what you want. could be very nice

The code is an absolute mess and very user unfriendly. For example some variables are 3 letters instead of descriptive names and so on. With an 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB RAM and 512 MB VRAM Laptop I got about 58 real FPS. But if you don't care about the code and just want the effect all you have to do is just drop the background object into your room and your finished which is very nice.


Anonymous 04 February 2015

Great effects!!

This is awsome effect, it works perfectly on Windows and Android and with YoYo Compiler! Support is very fast and proffesional, Feryx answered my mail 20 minutes after I sent him inquiry regarding problem with YoYo compiler and few hours after that, problem was solved! Thx m8!!!


Imre G 07 December 2014

Particularly useful.

The video tutorial helped me a lot to integrate into my project. Thx!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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