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"Retro Menu" is a Multi-Language solution to configure game preferences. Its identity was designed for Android and iOS devices, and its code is intended to be relatively simple to understand and modify.

Main features:

  • Controls:

    • Compatibility with Touch Controls and Gamepads. Both settings are handled by the same algorithm.
    • Automatic Input Recognition: Prevents "On-Screen Controls" preferences from being overridden by Gamepads' and vice versa.
    • Instant loading of preferences: When detecting the change of controls, it automatically loads the last configuration saved for it.
    • Smart commands remapping: Prevents the insertion of duplicate values ​​in controls. (So ​​the user doesn't look silly looking for a non-existent command during the game)
    • Interactive Debugger (Controls): A feature offered in graphical mode, which aims to assist in implementation tests. With it, you can:
    • View the names assigned to the keys/variables of the implemented commands, and thus, analyze their coherence and consistency in relation to the documentation guidelines (Touch and Gamepad).
    • View the last saved values ​​(Touch and Gamepad).
    • Possibility to test current commands with customizable text output (Touch and Gamepad).
    • Possibility to show/hide "Virtual Keys" - A feature that can help you redefine touch interaction areas.
    • Possibility to reset controls to default.
    • Possibility to return to the menu.
  • Language support:

    • Portuguese (Brazil), English (US), Spanish, French and German.
    • Possibility to add more language files in JSON format. Using this methodology has the following advantages:
    • Reading, understanding and editing this project's JSON files is as simple as taking notes - it can be done in any text editor, by virtually anyone.
    • Text files are decoupled from the code, and therefore can be delivered directly to translators if convenient.
    • The implementation of new translations happens dynamically: Just copy the language files to the indicated folder, run the project and test.
  • General:

    • Credits screen with a background inspired by arcade "space shooters", which can be edited easily: Just enter the text you want to show on screen.
    • Audio group controllers (general, effects and music) that apply changes instantly.
    • Game difficulty selector that can be linked to a script, with a few lines of code (an example is provided in the project)
    • Data persistence for all configurations
    • Documentation with code examples, step-by-step instructions and several functions for debugging code and outputting information.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published April 3, 2022

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