Inventory is an asset which allows your character to collect items throughout your game and utilise them for whatever purpose you want. Not just for platform games, with some tweaking this can fit pretty much any game.

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This asset should be easily added to most Game Maker Studio projects. It may require just a small bit of work to get everything running smoothly, but trust me the result will be worth it.

The asset once purchased will be endlessly customisable, for example you can add your own variables to the items, your imagination will be your only limitation to what you use it for.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read the guide located in the scripts section, it will give you some basic introduction to using the asset.

There are some minor collision bugs in this asset however remember this isn't a platform asset, its an inventory asset.

So far I have only tested this on a Windows 7 PC and so I am unsure of its compatibility with other platforms.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.30.0. Published November 15, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.180

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 29 May 2019


Anonymous 06 February 2019


Lucas H 09 January 2019


Anonymous 24 December 2018


Anonymous 19 December 2018


Anonymous 02 December 2018


Anonymous 17 November 2018


Anonymous 11 October 2018


Anonymous 07 October 2018


Paul F 28 August 2018

Powerful and well supported

I acquired this to save some time on what seemed like the most daunting part of the project i am working on. Simple documentation, easy to implement.

I have had a number of questions and have asked for guidance on how to customize things to fit my project better... ROCKSTAR suport.


Anonymous 22 August 2018


Aidan S 13 February 2018

Really great and very versatile

Super good inventory system with an amazing platformer engine included xD


Christian J 29 December 2017


Gadyka 5 02 November 2017


Cartier P 10 July 2017


Carson D 20 April 2015


I am a fairly beginner gamemaker user and found this fairly easy to pick up and start using. Even though it is designed for a platformer I have gotten it working very well for my top-down action RPG. Also a huge plus is the support. When I was tweaking the asset to use in my project I contacted the developer with a couple of questions. He not only answered my questions, he took the time to adapt the code into a couple of new scripts specifically for my project. Can't ask for any more than that!


James M 20 February 2015

Nice Example

As with all inventory systems the code could be hard to follow for beginners, it is well commented but you could easily get lost mainly because it comes with the mini platform game code (A plus for some)

It took me 5 minutes to implement this into my platformer with the back pack so i will rate 5 stars, it's a great asset at the price, the cd player didn't work for me in the vanilla project but again i won't use it so no biggy, looking forward to any upgrades/updates the creator has planned.


hydroxy (Publisher) 24 February 2015

Thank you for taking the time to review the asset. I will look into that CD player bug right away. I was unsure whether to release a version without the mini-game or not. I thought it would be a nice tutorial on how everything works in the asset but maybe it would be an idea to produce a more minimalist version to allow for easy transfer of the asset into other projects, I'll look into that too. I have been looking to do some updates on the asset for a while but have been busy with other work. Do you have any suggestions to what you want to see in future versions?

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