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Transitions Pro - Shader Based

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The most complete, advanced and easy-to-use transition system available for GameMaker Studio 2022+

Check out the DEMO here:

USAGE (fade-in example):

var action = function() {room_goto(rm_game);}
screen_transition(TR_TYPE.FADE, TR_WAY.IN, false, c_black, action);

Run any code after transition! That's pretty cool, isn't it!? There's MUCH more to it than that!


  • 42 Transitions!
  1. 38 shader transitions;
  2. 4 sequence transitions;
  3. 1 GML transition;
  • Includes views and cameras setup code (4 split-screen + 2 split-screen + normal view) + smooth movement;
  • Supports any screen resolution (pixel-art + HD, automatic or easily customizable) with aspect ratio;
  • Supports split-screen/multi-view;
  • Modular, easy to use and understand (only 1 function to create the transition!);
  • Retro transitions (dither 8x8 + 16x16) + HD transitions;
  • Fast performance & optimized for Mobile;
  • Every possible parameter is editable, customize color, speed and amoung others;
  • Easy to create new transitions animations (unlimited);
  • Useful for room transitions or/and screen transitions;
  • Transition can be drawn on: GUI, GUI Begin or GUI End (change via optional function parameter);
  • Includes 5 useful extra functions:
  1. Script that translates room position to GUI and vice versa (supports zoom and angle);
  2. point_direction_radians() -> returns direction in 0 and 1;
  3. fps_average -> Average FPS Real value;
  4. choose_array() -> Pick random value from array;
  5. print() -> Multi-argument debug message;
  6. tween() -> Easy ease and tweening;
  • Includes 2 examples with 4 test levels;
  • Includes a sample RPG game with door system (player movement, animation, level positioning);
  • Includes a split-screen room example with everything ready (all created via GML);
  • Transitions can be combined (e.g: Fade + Zoom);
  • Set a custom shader in the sequence transition render with 1 line of code!;
  • Single and Two-Pass (In and Out together) animation;
  • Animation In and Out with only one animation (no duplicating sequences or shaders);
  • Run a function at the end of the animation.
  • No setup or room_init needed! Just import the asset folder on your project and use it!
  • After transition created, you can pause the transition, change progress, speed and other properties if you want.
  • Uses easing and tweening in the animation progress (with animation curves);
  • Asynchronous mode;
  • Use it everywhere, in realtime, even in the Step Event;
  • Complete documentation for better understanding each thing!
  • GML most-used programming style and very organized code
  • Free updates after buying (read EULA).


  • Important: You must have views enabled (this assets has everything ready);
  • 2D and 3D pipeline compatible;
  • No issues with alpha blending!;
  • Compatible with other image effects (like post-processing in app surf);
  • No need to disable application_surface. It is possible to configure the transition to get a custom view surface however.
  • Transition progress goes from 0 to 1;
  • Two-pass transitions shaders freezes the screen, single-pass not;
  • Uses GLSL ES (default);
  • YYC, VM and x64 fully compatible!
  1. Works on all platforms *
  2. Tested on: Windows, OperaGX, HTML5 and Android (YYC/VM x86 and x64).
  3. On HTML5, sequences transitions has a small blink sometimes due to a problem in Javascript runner itself.
  4. On Opera GX, sequences works perfectly, but shaders has a small blink (come on YYG xD).
  5. (These things might be fixed in the future. All other platforms works normally).

How many hours do you spend programming something? Don't waste your valuable time! Get "Foxey Transitions Pro" with everything ready for a fair price! (It took me 3 months to do all this).

Thank you so much!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.2.0. Published December 15, 2022

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