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Build your very own infinite dungeons!

This random dungeon generator is a project framework that builds randomized dungeons using handcrafted pre-built rooms as featured in indie smash-hit The Binding of Isaac. The engine supports plug-and-play and comes with a fully fledged example dungeon: play, stylize, build some rooms and have endless fun in your own infinite dungeon! Did I mention it is totally beginner friendly?


  • Easy customization! Don't feel like making low level tweaks to algorithms? Change a few variables and generate unique dungeons.
  • Roombased generation! Let the generator worry about the boring stuff so you can focus on the design and feel of your game.
  • Coloured locks and keys! The generator automatically adds locks and keys to the dungeon grid based on chances you specify.
  • Loops! Tired of corridors and backtracking? This framework fully supports loops and circled paths while still preventing the trivialization of lock-based puzzles.
  • Beginner friendly! The heavily commented codebase includes a user guide and introduction to data structures explaining how the engine works and why it will always generate a solvable puzzle - even when it adds keys and loops!
  • Comes with Zeldalike room transitions and basic wall autotiling giving your dungeons an interconnected and dungeony vibe.
  • Plug-and-play! Play through the included two floor example dungeon as a mighty wizard trying to find the evil bat lords.
  • All art used in the example dungeon is CC0-licensed, which means it is totally free and does not require royalties - even when you add, delete or change anything!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.4. Published December 6, 2014

Optimised the garbage collection system to properly free up all memory when performing a soft 'game_restart()'.

Also fixed various bugs. Found more or need help? Please contact me using the 'contact publisher' link on top.

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