Video Poker, place your bets, draw the deck, win or lose.

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V1.0.1 - Fixed the audio, and the html5 version has been tested.

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Version 1.0.1. Published November 11, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1398

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 10 January 2015

Works but..

Code is plain ugly, immoderate use of objects, globalvars (evil), and arrays (data structures work really best you know), single image sprites... etc... What's the point of having 52 different card objects with only 2 different variables each when you can write only one card class (object) and use a script along to simulate a constructor and populate your class values ? OOP anyone ?... also the use of position_destroy instead of storing instance variable and address it directly is very very awful. Room creation code isn't advisable as well... etc etc.... Please LEARN GML before selling such tutos!!!! Complete lack of code factorization makes it a real pain to go thru the code. Some scripts do in 20 lines what could be written in 2! My eyes are bleeding when I look at the analyze_hand script

The price is way too high for such poor code quality I'm sorry. Total waste of money. A lot of extensions out here are of much better quality and ten times cheaper! The real poker is buying this!


Prickly_James (Publisher) 11 January 2015

Thanks for rating and commenting, the engine is designed to be modified more regarding the looks the video poker mechanism is solid and requires no tweaks so no need to look at or change any of that unless you wish to change the games rules, its easy to add in game currency IAP and/or leaderboards. Your point on DS_list etc is valid however its not something i am comfortable with but the arrays i have do nothing to slow the game down so optimization in this case is not needed.

This asset is also tested on PC, HTML5 and Android and works with no issues.


Santiago S 15 November 2014

Great Starting point

Well made game! Well worth the full price!


Prickly_James (Publisher) 11 January 2015

Thank you for rating and commenting, really glad you like the engine.

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