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Focused Mind - vol.1


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*Focused Mind - vol.1, by Sound4Apps *

Focused Mind vol.1 is a pack with harmonius music, based on six genuine songs especially composed to accompany and guide players in game riddles, puzzles and secretive environments.

This package contains a total of more than 87 minutes of music!

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Songs featured in this package

Cave Windings:

A calm and somewhat trippy track with slow drums and sweaping atmospheres. Approx. 10 min, parts as separate files (loops)

** Lake Valloxen:</strong>**

An intriguing piano melody with soothing strings in a breathtaking soundscape. About 4-5 min, Full track.


A cinematic piano piece resembeling of past times. About 4 min. File is full track.

The Mountain of Skule:

Big, calm, guitar based soundscape with majestic strings and fluctuating moods. Versions as files.


A meditative and relaxing soundscape with deep bass sounds and varied arrangement. Length about 9 min. File is full track..

Ripe Cloudberries:

A soothing repetetive but varied piece with distant echoes. About 10 min. Variation as file.

*IF YOU NEED ADAPTATION OF THIS MUSIC FOR YOUR GAME, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! * More often than not, the music you intend for your game needs some adaptation in order to produce the perfect match between what you hear and see. If you need this music in any other format, length, stems or loops, we can do this for you.

Contact us via ] Link and let us know what you need. We´ll be right back.

Feedback? Please contact us. [ Link Thanks for downloading!

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published October 7, 2021

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