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Platformer Player Controller


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This is a Player Controller for 2D Platformers, it makes a good base for (almost) every platformer game.

What does it do? The character controller handles everything with the movement of the player. It makes it so that when you press left you go left. It also handles collision and gravity.

Is it easy to use? Yes, it is very easy to use, with simple settings and a guide. But if you are more experienced then you can use it as a base for your player and modify it to your liking.

Can you use this for commercial use? Yes, I would just like to know when you are using it. For more information check the UELA

List of features it has:

  • Good collision
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Jump buffer
  • Controller and PC input
  • Easy settings

If you find any bugs or have any ideas for improvement, please contact me at [email protected]

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.2.1. Published September 25, 2021

changed placeholder sprites

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