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BBMOD 3 - a successor of BBMOD 2 - is an advanced 3D rendering solution for GameMaker Studio 2! It consists of a custom model and animation file formats (*.bbmod, *.bbanim), a model convertor (BBMOD CLI), a powerful and easy to use GML library, as well as PBR shaders using which you can render models textured in professional, industry standard software.

Package contents:

  • BBMOD CLI - A command line interface for converting 3rd-party model formats (using Assimp) into *.bbmod and *.bbanim.
  • A powerful GML library using which you can load and render BBMOD files with ease.
  • A demo project for you to explore!

GML library contents:

BBMOD GML library is siplit into multiple folders - modules. Each one of them adds extra functionality - ranging from BBMOD model conversion on runtime, through advanced rendering techniques to interfaces with 3rd-party libraries. The only module you have to import into your project to use BBMOD is the Core module.

  • Core module - Contains code essential for loading models and animations, animation playback, basic rendering, batching models for increased rendering performance, as well as a math library for easier manipulation with vectors, quaternions etc.
  • DLL module - Exposes the functionality of BBMOD CLI to GM using a DLL.
  • Mesh module - Using this module you can create BBMOD meshes through code.
  • Importer module - Using these you can load some model formats without converting them to BBMOD first. Currently only *.obj importer is included.
  • Camera module - Contains a first-person and third-person camera with mouselook. With the Renderer module this is a great combo to start making 3D games using BBMOD.
  • Rendering module - Contains submodules related to rendering.
    • Cubemap submodule - Contains a struct using which you can easily render scenes into a cubemap.
    • Depth buffer submodule - Contains shaders for rendering scene depth.
    • FXAA submodule - Contains fast approximate anti-aliasing shader.
    • PBR submodule - Contains physically based (PBR) shaders and materials with full support for the metallic-roughness workflow.
    • Post-processing submodule - Contains shader with color grading, chromatic aberration, grayscale and vignette post-processing effects.
    • Renderer submodule - Contains a renderer struct which greatly simplifies 3D rendering.
  • State machine module - Contains a general-purpose state machine, as well as a state machine for animation playback control.
  • ColMesh module - ColMesh is a popular solution for 3D collisions by TheSnidr. This module contains functions using which you can easily add BBMOD models into a colmesh.

If you would like to learn more about individual modules and their contents, see the Modules section in the documentation.


Become our Patron and get to the next level of 3D game development in GameMaker with BBMOD GUI - a graphical user interface using which you can

  • convert models to BBMOD,
  • preview their animations,
  • configure their materials,
  • create custom image based lighting textures.

All with a live preview, wrapped in a familiar interface that will make you feel at home. Get BBMOD GUI here.


End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 3.1.6. Published December 29, 2021

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