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SandStone Dungeon Tileset


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A simple dungeon for quick construction, 32x32 pixels.

The main idea of this package is the quick assembly of a dungeon: Installing walls and floor tiles

Basic Tiles [32x32]: Seven kinds of floor tiles: various tiles and stones and bricks; exterior and interior walls; walls with openings, with decorative doors, window with bars;

Doors and passageways: Vertical and horizontal crossing gates in two states: closed and open; Hatches and grilles in two states: closed and open.

Optional: transparent shadows for perfectionists (must be set up as a separate layer on top).

Miscellaneous details: Animated torches on the walls; Animated candles on candlesticks and on stands; Animated campfire; Optional: There are also extinguished torches, candles, and a campfire.

Decorations on the wall: Banners; weapon sets; paintings; chains on pedestal; information signs; a ladder to the wall.

Floor decorations: column; boxes; barrels; jugs; an engraved slab; paper note; skeleton with a ring and a dagger in his back (he may have a history); spikes popping out of the ground 4 frames animation.

Miscellaneous items: gold coins; book in several colors; potion bottles; magic orbs on trays; switches in two positions; chests: closed and open; several locks for gates and keys to them; Equipment items: several kinds of weapons, shields, and a pair of armor.

Five characters (animated standing pose): warrior with sword and shield [32x32]; warrior-skillet with a two-handed axe [32x32]; stone golem [32x32]; skeletal mage with staff [32x48]; flying one-eyed something [32x48].

Thanks for any feedback!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published September 5, 2021

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