Hobo Breakable

To get started drag the extension into GM 1.4, double-click the "Hobo Breakable" extension and goto the "Import Resources" tab, finally "Import All" and press "OK". You are now ready to use the code provided below in your existing objects!

//treat objects with physics (if set to true make sure object + room has physics turned on)
global.phy_set = true;
//initialize breakable object (typically in the create event)
break_id = init_breakable(1);
//break the object (typically replaces previous destroy call)
destroy(break_id, o_player);
  • 2 scripts turn any object into a breakable one
  • Easy usage
  • Switching gravity on or off is a boolean away.
  • Implementation open ended; allows for full customization.

Version Log

  • v 0.0.3:
  1. Fix offset bug
  • v 0.02:
  1. Code Cleanup
  2. Add gravity control global (global.phy_set)
  3. 1/2 fix offset bug
  • v 0.01:
  1. Booze drank
  2. Scripts produced
  3. Buggy alpha

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 0.0.3. Published October 22, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.182

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 26 June 2019


dave m 01 November 2018


how use this thing?


Hobo (Publisher) 18 January 2019

How to Use
1. Import the extension into GM
2. Open the extension and `Import All` resources
3. Add the following to any object you want to become "breakable"

//initialize breakable object (typically in create)
break_id = init_breakable(1);
//break the object (typically replaces old destroy action)
destroy(break_id, o_player);
//treat objects with physics (option that can be set on gamestart if needed)
global.phy_set = true;


Anonymous 19 September 2018


orbis s 18 January 2019


Mark R 19 September 2017

Simple and easy to use

Not the most sophisticated looking, HOWEVER, very easy to use, edit and understand. Exactly what I needed, thank you!


Anonymous 17 March 2017


Andreas M 28 March 2015

Easy to change

Works and easy to change.


Hobo (Publisher) 18 January 2019

:+1: glad it worked as a base for someone to expand on :D

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