GameMaker Studio 2

Space Combat Engine Ultimate

Hendracle Interactive

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Suitable for Game Maker Studio 2, comes in the form of an importable package

A versatile engine for creating arcade space shooter games. The project has been made so that it is very easy to expand.

Features: -Multi-faction ship battles (default 4 factions included).

-Large scale battles (100+ ships, 1500+ fps according to debug mode).

-Framework for adding factions, ships, projectile types, projectile factions, etc.

-In-depth manual that walks you through the process of adding a faction with it's own unique ship.

-Easy to read, commented code.

-Demo sprites.

-Useful variables, such as a global game scale, faction enum, dmg, weapon type enum and more.

-Easy to use collection of scripts, such as "create laser", "bounce off enemy" and "move towards ship".

UPDATE: As of the latest build a demo project is now included to generate battles. It contains 4 sliders for tweaking the battle size, faction amount, spawn location (random or fixed) and combat type (infinite war or battle).

Added demo project Added details (tiny explosions, ships now slowly fade in when they enter the battle)

Improved commenting and documentation

Commercial & Non-Commercial usage allowed (projects, games, etc.) Redistributing the code (edited or otherwise) is not allowed.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.1.1. Published September 14, 2019

Added demo project Improved readability Formatted code Added some comments Improved manual Fixed some bugs (sometimes the game could crash due to a few objects not having proper instance checking)

Happy coding!

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