GameMaker Studio 2 (2.0 - 2.2.x)

The Ultimate Platformer Engine


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The Ultimate Platformer Engine is exactly what it sounds like.

With this engine, you will have everything you need to construct your own platformer games from start to finish. Choose from a wide selection of different enemies, items, blocks, moving platforms, pipes, doors, gates, keys, treasure chests, projectiles, cannons, tiles, backgrounds, and scenery.

This engine uses "template" items, enemies, characters, blocks, and projectiles. Create duplicates of these various objects and set the variables in the create event to the settings of your desire. With this system, you can have jumping enemies that follow the character and fire bouncing projectiles. You can have blocks to give items to enhance health, enable new moves, or whatever. Your own creativity is the limit!

There are settings to change the physics and weather conditions of your rooms. There are controls for modifying the character physics. There is a key-mapping system, a save system, a room-changing system, a moving view system, an auto-runner system, 2-player co-op, and gamepad support. You can enable or disable many different moves for your character(s) such as wall jumping, ground pounding, hanging from bars, attacking with various styles, swimming with various styles, flying with various styles, hovering, gliding, double-jumping, and much more. This is also compatible with our Character Sprite Designer free on the Marketplace. An example game is included with overworlds, levels, a title screen, a game-over screen, and a victory screen. Everything is explained using signs and NPCs as you play through the example file.

The Ultimate Platformer Engine is based off the engine used for Platform Builder, a toolkit for creating your own games without code. As such, you can create your games entirely with Platform Builder and export them to PC using the Ultimate Platformer Engine, or you can use this engine to build your games from the ground up.

IMPORTANT: There are hundreds of resources in this package. Because of this, it could take 30 minutes or longer to import the entire package. Please be patient, or try importing in segments if you have a slow computer.

For GMS:2. Tested on Windows platform only. Tiles as 32x32. Use the support email or support URL for help.

Enjoy using the Ultimate Platformer Engine and please write to me with any questions!

-Matthew (TingThing)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS2 - Version 3.0.4. Published June 8, 2020

Updated the engine to work with Platform Builder 8.0, fixed some bugs, and included more information about how the example file works, and included all of the sounds and music needed so you don't have to download from other places.

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