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  • Easy to add Weapons and Walls
  • Basic 3D physics, jumping, crouching and crouch jumping
  • Example assets to learn from
  • A LOT of scripts for building from
  • Camera Visual Effects (Even color palettes!)
  • Simple Finite-State AI
  • Shader based lighting

If you want to build a game like the original doom, then this framework is definitely for you. No hassle with having to program your own physics, mouse look, weapon functionality etc. Just fiddle with variables and assets and away you go. Create a 3D platformer if you wish!

TO COME IN THE FUTURE: - Tutorial videos on building Wolf3D and a Simple Doom clone from scratch using the scripts only - Save/Load system - Main Menu - Am open to requests - Shadow system to work with the lighting system - Possible bump mapping - Many preset characters, weapons and walls

All scripts and assets can be used in any projects you wish. The scripts are very versatile and have been thoroughly tested.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.5. Published March 10, 2019

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1804

Age Rating: 12+

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Reece M 15 March 2019

An fps engine worth getting

Much better than some of the others on the marketplace! Really worth getting and also includes a spinning cloud skybox, also hitting 1 on the keyboard lets you see some shaders which was nice.

I'm also having windows errors with lighting however this asset is at the moment intended to be used on GameMaker Studio 1 which it works perfectly on.


Alexander R 12 March 2019

Cool Doom Engine!

I was hoping something like this would resurface one day!
The design seems to be as clean as one can reasonably expect, which is actually a huge deal.
It can be a lot of work to declutter assets with many features, this one seems easy to navigate from my early time with it.

There are a couple quirks you may want to know about, though they may just be on my end.

-The asset works just fine on GMS1. However...
-I got an "Error Importing Package" for GMS2. However...
-Importing the GMS1 file bypasses the error, thankfully! However...
-Playtesting the game in GMS2 is impossible because of Windows errors. However!
-This is easily remedied by switching all "light" variables to 0. Now it works great! Crisis averted!

So, this asset is compatible with GMS2, but it doesn't seem that way at first.
There are hoops, but nothing inconvenient.

Overall, good asset! There's room to build, yet the base is solid.


HorrellTech (Publisher) 10 June 2019

Thank you for your comment! I have a GMS2 version that solves the errors with lighting you speak of but the market place won't let me upload. But once I get that wee issue sorted I will have a working GMS2 file

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