By using a set of simple scripts, you can easily create two types of shockwaves on any surfaces, sprites or on fullscreen, and customize its appearance & behavior without interact with shader uniforms by yourself.

How to use

  • 1) First of all, you'll need to run the initialization script [ sw_init() ] once, and this can be done from anywhere of your codes.

  • 2) Then, you decide a target to apply the shader to - using [ sw_start() ]. The target can be either a sprite, surface or just fullscreen.

    For example:

    sw_start(sw_tarType_surface, surf_main);

    draw_surface(surf_main, 0, 0);


    Notice that you'll have to put a [ sw_end() ] at the end. For a more detailed explanation, see in the [ sw_start() ] script.

  • 3) To this part, all the preparations are completed. Now you can just use [ sw_linear_create() ] or [ sw_sphere_create() ] at anytime you want, from anywhere of your codes, to create a shockwave!

See in the script for its detailed explanation.

Additional functions

  • [ sw_delete() ] - Delete a specific shockwave.
  • [ sw_delete_all() ] - Delete all the existing shockwaves.
  • [ sw_exist() ] - Check if a specific shockwave is existing or not.
  • [ sw_get_time() ] - Get the animation progress of a specific shockwave.
  • [ sw_set_time() ] - Set the animation progress of a specific shockwave.
  • [ sw_get_count() ] - Get the count of all the existing shockwaves.

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Changes in 1.1.1

Performance optimized

Version 1.1.1. Published December 31, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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Manuel C 05 July 2019


CORBALAN C 25 December 2018

Low performance / bad optimisation

The assets itself works correctly and is really easy to setup. Unfortunately using this script or even just running the demo will drastically use most of your GPU. Running on a GTX 1060 6gb here, the demo were using 88% to 91% of my GPU. Will rate to 5 stars once an optimisation work will get done.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Blank Games (Publisher) 31 December 2018

Thank you for your feedback!
I've spent time to make the shader more reliable now in version 1.1.1.
Please try it out and feel free to send more feedbacks to me.

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