Get the basics of Beat'em Up combat with this Starter Kit! Understand how the old classics faked depth in 2D games and how they managed hit collisions, at the time you explore a way to make basic enemy behaviours. Use this asset to start your own Beat'em up and fill it with your own gameplay and sprite animations.


  • 2D Movement with Jump on Z axis
  • Collisions handling according depth
  • Up to 10 Player animations: Idle, Run, Jump raise, Jump fall, Punch right, Punch left, Punch up, Air Kick, Hurt and Dead
  • Hit combos: Hard combo after 5 consecutive punches
  • 2 Players game
  • Health management
  • Basic enemy AI with up to 8 states: IDLE, RUN, WAIT, HIT, HURT, RETREAT, KO, DEAD
  • Exaggeratedly commented code! Almost every line is commented.
  • Debug mode. Show collisions boxes and state names


  • Sidescrolling camera
  • Destructible objects
  • Pickable items

Anyway don't hesitate to ask or suggest for new features! Please, instead of using my email contact, refer to the asset forum threat or twitter

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Changes in 1.0.1

  • Fixed GUI placement when switching from windowed to fullscreen

Version 1.0.1. Published December 24, 2018

Age Rating: 9+

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Anton P 14 January 2019

Good, but not excellent.

Not bad, but not exactly what I expected after reading two previous reviews (yes, I was hoping to see really "surprisingly rare quality" addition with a polished code). There are a lot of of bugs and some controversial decisions in the code. For example:
- all animations randomly in rare situatins do not play the last frame (this can be seen on the opponent in his "ko" or "dead" state - his eyes will be open)
-the jump can cancel any hit move on any frame
- player may be damaged in a "jump" state, even if his hurtbox does not collided with the enemy's hitbox (easily verified by increasing the height of the player jump through "gravRise" varible)
- if a player will be killed in a "jump" state, then he will hang and die in the air
- if you simultaneously press the opposite movement keys, the player will slide without animation.
And this all discoverred after half an hour of testing =0 So, in my opinion, in current state, this addition is not enough polished and somewhat overpriced.


Curial Lloses (Publisher) 14 January 2019

I appreciate a lot your feedback! I'll definitely check this bugs while trying not to overcode the asset too much for beginners.


Alexander R 31 December 2018

One of the best purchases on the marketplace.

Simple yet versatile, as all assets should be.
It is what it looks like; In other words, "it just works."
This is a surprisingly rare quality, even for high-tier templates across all storefronts!
All I can really say is that this is a genuine starter kit. Game Maker would gain to include stuff like this natively.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming features!


Curial Lloses (Publisher) 31 December 2018

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it!


Johnathan F 26 December 2018

Excellent Work!


Curial Lloses (Publisher) 26 December 2018

Thank you! Happy to know that the asset helps while working on fixes and improvements.

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