Tweening is the process of creating inbetween frames. It helps a lot in animation.

There are some videos that explain somethings about tweening in games and how they can be beneficial to your projects: Video 1 and Video 2.

With this asset you'll be able to quickly use tweening in your projects.


To start a tween animation:

  • tween(function,obj,"variable",initial_value,final_value,duration,[speed],[reverse],[repeat_n_times],[delay_to_start],[reverse_function])

  • tween_add_var(tween_instance,"variable",initial_value,final_value,obj,function,reverse_function);

CallBack Function to call a given function after a given event is triggered:

  • tween_add_callBack(tween_instance,event,function,arg1,arg2...):





Update Functions:

  • tween_update_delay()

  • tween_update_speed()

  • tween_update_timeSpeed()

  • tween_pause()

  • tween_resume()

  • tween_stop

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Version 1.0.1. Published September 23, 2018

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