Aviator is a client API library for the Cockpit CMS written for Game Maker: Studio 2. The library provides a set of scripts that will help you to easily access your data stored in a Cockpit installation.

Aviator helps you accessing the Cockpit API and retrieve your data by providing wrapper functions and a simple example project to get you started. This asset has been developed for anyone needing a simple yet professional way to include any kind of remotely managed data into their games, like news feeds, alert systems, configuration profiles, etc... managed through user friendly web interface. It's also easy to setup on your host and does not require any knowledge of MySQL or database systems in general.


  • Easily create GET and POST requests to the API
  • Generates image urls in order to download remote sprites
  • Easy to configure
  • Example project showing how to get a news feed with images
  • Extensively commented and documented


Documentation and install guide

Forum link

Cockpit CMS

My assets: exINV (inventory system), GMGL (autoupdater & launcher), Autotiles Helper (auto tiling system), Jade UI (UI sprites), GMSDB (database system)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published September 7, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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