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Welcome to Flurry Ads and Analytics for Android, a GDPR and DDR compliant extension using the latest Flurry SDK release of 11.1.1. When creating a new project on your Flurry dashboard please note that it can take from 24 - 48 hours for ads and analytics to function in your app / game. Requirements: Gamemaker Studio 1.3x - 2.x with the Android export module The GooglePlayServicesExtension extension An ads account with Flurry GMS project settings: minimum SDK is 16 Target SDK is 26 Build tools 26.0.0 Support Library 26.0.0

The Functions:

FlurryInit(String, String, String); The first argument is mandatory and is the "Game_Id" which you get from your Flurry dashboard. The second argument is optional, "name_of_your_banner_ad" , otherwise put "" if not using banner ads. The third argument is optional, "name_of_your_interstatital_ad" , otherwise put "" if not using interstatital ads.

GDPROpenDash(); Call this function in a menu or button press to allow the player to access his privacy dashboard for the game. When the player closes the privacy dashboard the extension will automatically re-init with the new settings. This function should be made available to all users of your app in a menu to comply with europe's GDPR regulations.

CollectedDataDash(); Call this function to allow the user to go to Flurry's official dashboard so they can retreive your app's collected data reports and so on. This, like the above GDPROpenDash function, should be made available to all users of your app in a menu to comply with DDR regulations.

FlurryRewardAd(String); Call this to show an interstital reward ad, if you don't want to use the player's location put "false" as the argument, otherwise put "true" This function should be used after checking if an ad is ready to be shown. A common example code line for this is simply: if (FlurryFunctionsReady() == 1) { FlurryRewardAd("false"); }

FlurryBannerAd(String, String); You can test reward ads with no special test settings, but NOTE that we can't test banner ads Call this to show a banner ad, it takes 2 non case sensitive string arguments, the first argument is "true" or "false", with "false" meaning don't let ads use location. The second argument is the position of the banner ad, All valid choices are as follows: "left,top" "center,top" "right,top" "left,bottom" "center,bottom" "right,bottom" This function should be used after checking if an ad is ready to be shown. A common example code line for this is:

FlurryStopBannerAd(); Call this to remove a banner ad.

logSimpleEvent(String); Call this whenever the player does something in your game that you want to be notified of in your Flurry dashboard, it is usefull for knowing that a player did something in your game. Pass the "Event_name" as the argument.

logMappedEvent(String, String); Call this to send a key - value pair as a string to your flurry dash so you can get a value of something like player level up, etc. Pass the "Event_name" as argument 1 and "Event_values" as argument 2. You can send up to 10 values each seperated by a comma example: logMappedEvent("Your_Mapped_Event_Name","level,10,name,Skontz,maxHp,1000");

FlurryFunctionsReady() Call this function to confirm the extension is initted, The function will return 1 if initted, 0 if not initted, and it will return -1 if an unknown error occured. (such trying to use ads or analytics if the app wasn't restarted after first run and/or permissions not accepted by the user)

GetFlurryPerms(); Call this before anything else, the app must then be closed and reopened for the permissions to take effect. In Android os 6.0 and up you have to get permissions from player to save consent strings to the device and access location for ad relavancy: Put this function in the create event of the first run object in the first run room of your game to ask for permissions BEFORE you init the extension: another IMPORTANT NOTE is if you are not going to use access fine location permission you must remove it from the manifest by double clicking the extension > android tab > permissions injection box. The extension will not ask for this permission. The reason for this is to give you a choice for each of your apps to use fine location, and google play now forbids apps to have permissions in the manifest that they do not use.

exitTheApp(); Bug fix for GMS 1.4.1804 to allow closing the game/app programatically.

Social Async Event in Gamemaker: Values will be returned from the extension to a social async event in GMS. NOTE - ALL VALUES ARE RETURNED AS A STRING. "watchedad" returns a string held in the "value" variable containing information about ads status for either banner or interstital ads "-1" = User closed the ad "0" = The ad is now displaying "1" = User completed watching the ad "2" = User clicked on the ad

"errorstatus" returns an error code, go to this git hub website: https://gist.github.com/flurrydev/92d14e136403c2ea35b4 for the error code list.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published August 6, 2018

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